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Dirty Donny's Vantasy

AMT 1/25 Dirty Donny's Vantasy Kit First Look

By Bill MacKirdy, Front Range Auto Modelers (FRAM)

Date of Review March 2012 Manufacturer AMT/Round 2
Subject Dirty Donny's Vantasy Scale 1/25
Kit Number 0691 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Nice Kit Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Moderate Experience MSRP (USD) $24.95

First Look

Dirty Donny's Vantasy
Dirty Donny's Vantasy
Dirty Donny's Vantasy

What a blast from the past!  Those of us that remember the surfer vans from the 70's will love this kit.  It is a re-issue of the 70's Chevrolet van though which kit is unknown by this author nor is the specific model year.  Custom options are available for the modeler.

Here are the basic stats from the Round 2 Models website:

  • Scale: 1/25
  • Skill Level: 2 (ages 10 and up)
  • Glue assembly, paint required
  • Molded in white, plus clear, red, amber, and chrome parts
    • 2 decal sheets with multiple stripe decal options

The kit is molded in white styrene. There are 7 parts trees molded in white with an additional chrome tree, clear glass and red and amber lenses. It is possible to build a showroom stock version of the van though I think most modelers will build a custom version. Stock parts include dog dish hub caps and steel wheels, a stock grille assembly, and a stock exhaust system.

Custom parts include mag wheels, a custom grille, spoiler, rear window louvers, and the ubiquitous CB radio. Other custom additions include a clear sunroof and portholes. The body is molded so that the sunroof can be cutout from the inside along with the whole roof that can be also opened up. However, if the builder wants to add portholes, they must measure and cut the holes themselves.

The engine is relatively simple and consists of 19 pieces. However, the hood doesn’t open so the builder can decline building the engine as it won’t show anyway (of course, if one is so inclined they could cut out the hood).

The interior is very simple and consists of only 2 seats, a dash, and engine cover. However, as noted below, the star of the show will be the exterior so a simplified interior is not a big deal.

The best part of this kit are the decals. There are two large sheets full of 70’s style graphics. The designer, Dirty Donny, has done an awesome job of creating the decals. Here is the fun part: if the builder tires of the look, they could dunk the body in their favorite paint stripper and then redo with a new set of graphics. My favorite is the surfer dude on a wood surfboard hanging ten while cook a hotdog on a stick over a fire (ok a long description but once you see it, you’ll agree on the coolness factor).

This kit is highly recommended!

My sincere thanks to Round2 Models for this review sample