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AMT/ERTL 1/24 1967 Pontiac GTO Kit First Look

By Greg Morgan

Date of Review May 2006 Manufacturer AMT/ERTL
Subject 1967 Pontiac GTO Scale 1/24
Kit Number 38491 Primary Media Styrene
Pros It’s a GTO! Cons Cannot be built stock. Box art different from kit
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $14.99

First Look

Z-28 Kit
Z-28 Kit
Z-28 Kit
Z-28 Kit
Z-28 Kit
Z-28 Kit
Z-28 Kit
Z-28 Kit

The year 1967 was a great time for Pontiac and the GTO. The GOAT was very similar to the previous model year with only minor changes made to the front grill pattern, tail light assembly and lower body trim. Sales figures topped the 80,000 mark and the GTO was making a definite name for itself on the street and the strip. Engine options to include the Ram Air package and the HO package were touting 360 horsepower and were available with the brand new 400 CID engine. Other new available options were front disc brakes and the “his and hers” shifted transmission. While the famed tri-power was gone, Pontiac lovers still had plenty to talk about with the GTO.

Models lovers also have plenty to talk about with the release of the AMT ERTL MUSCLE 1967 Pontiac GTO. I have fond childhood memories of building a few of these 67 GOATS in the late 80s and they were a fun and somewhat easy kit to assemble. I’m anxious to give it another shot in the mid 2000s, but that review will be at some point in the future.

Engine: The kit has 19 engine pieces and features chromed valve covers and an open element air cleaner (air cleaner will fit inside the included Ram Air element) that can be assembled to create a stock engine. Also included are 8 parts for the optional blower/injection assembly for builders wishing to modify the stock appearance of the engine. A two-piece radiator, a firewall and a battery are included in the kit; no radiator hoses are present. The tooling from almost 40 years ago doesn’t compare with the detail of today’s newer Pontiac kits, but it still makes for a presentable engine compartment.

Interior: The interior has 19 pieces with 10 of them being for the race version of the kit. The front seat pattern still doesn’t match the rear pattern and a stock steering wheel is not included in the kit. The door panels and rear seat are molded into the main interior piece and have subtle details. The clear front and rear window plastic is one piece and a chrome rear-view mirror is included with the kit.

Chassis: The chassis is basically one piece with only the rear springs and exhaust/rear-end piece separate from it. Lower control arms are discernable and so are frame and chassis detail and all of this helps to create an easy to assemble chassis. A metal axle is used for attachment of the rear wheels and plastic pegs are included to attach the front wheels.

Wheels/tires: Custom style mag wheels and BF GOODRICH radial T/A tires are the only options available.

Body: The body has adequate and accurate detail. The age of this mold requires deepening of the door and trunk-lines, but flash and mold lines are kept to a minimum on this kit. The front and rear end are nice to include separate grill inserts and brake lights.

The stock hood is not offered, but the hood from the XXX kit with the separate hood scoop rounds out the appearance package. Well detailed maroon custom body accent decals would be a nice touch with the right exterior color.

If you want a nice model that is a blast from the past, then this is the kit! Its 100 or so pieces definitely don’t have the details of other newly tooled kits like the REVELL 66 GTO and AMT 62 Catalina because the tooling is almost 40 years old. It’s unfortunate that AMT ERTL does not at least offer the correct front seats, steering wheel, tires, wheels and hood to make this a nice “stock” kit. This is basically the XXX kit repackaged with box art depicting an unavailable steering wheel, hood and wheels. This is an exciting kit though and a great way to add a custom 67 GTO to your Pontiac collection.

My sincere thanks to RC2 for this review sample!

Greg Morgan is a member of Front Range Auto Modelers.