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TZ-22 Kit

Armory 1/72 TZ-22 Heavy Airfield Refueler Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review September 2009 Manufacturer Armory
Subject TZ-22 Heavy Airfield Refueler Scale 1/72
Kit Number 72301 Primary Media Styrene, Resin, Photo-etch
Pros Nice details, excellent addition to park next to your Trumpeter Tupolevs! Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (Euro) 33.60€

First Look

TZ-22 Kit
TZ-22 Kit
TZ-22 Kit
TZ-22 Kit
TZ-22 Kit
TZ-22 Kit

The TZ-22 heavy airfield refueler based upon the KrAZ-258 series of prime movers. This vehicle is still in service around Russian airfields as well as many airfields in former Soviet states. Here is an example of one photographed in Kyrgyzstan refuelling a C-5 Galaxy.

Armory has released a rather interesting kit of a contemporary heavy refueler. This kit, just like the full-sized example, is based upon the KrAZ-258 and Armory started with the existing 1/72 E-Class kit and produced a beautifully cast fuel trailer kit to complete this airfield bowser.

TZ-22 Kit

The original KrAZ kit is molded in dark green and black styrene and presented on three parts trees, plus a separately provided cab and fender section. One tree of clear parts complete the original prime mover.

Take a look at that tanker! The tanker shell is hollow-cast resin with nice details cast into the surface. The rest of the tank kit is also resin cast and these include the underside of the tanker, the chassis of the tanker, suspension, tires, and nice single and dual wheels. Two frets of photo-etch provide the upper walkway, safety rails, and access ladders.

Note that the KrAZ kit doesn't have wheels as Armory has provided wheels for the prime mover to match the wheels on the tanker.

Markings are provided for several examples including a standard Ukrainian airfield tanker and a tanker allocated to the United Nations.

This is a beautiful and nicely detailed model that would look great on its own, but I also see how this would really enhance a vignette starring one of Trumpeter's 1/72 Tupolevs, including the recent Tu-22M Backfire kits. Big tankers like this are required for big thirsty bombers!

You can purchase Armory products from a number of online stockists as well as directly from their online store.

My sincere thanks to Armory for this review sample!