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UFO Encounters Monument Valley

Atlantis Model Company UFO Encounters Monument Valley Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review February 2016 Manufacturer Atlantis Model Company
Subject UFO Encounters Monument Valley Scale -
Kit Number 1007 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Simple kit, interesting lighting module Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $19.99

First Look

UFO Encounters Monument Valley
UFO Encounters Monument Valley
UFO Encounters Monument Valley
UFO Encounters Monument Valley

Atlantis Model Company has released several more UFO kits in recent months, this one representing one of many UFOs sighted over Monument Valley, AZ over the years. Molded in clear styrene, this kit consists of six parts plus a lighting module. It is so simple that even I accidentally assembled the model while test-fitting the parts.

Something I haven't seen before is this cylindrical module that fits into the hollow central shaft in the upper hull of the ufo. This is a unique lighting module which as you can see features several LED devices on the top of the module and inside are three hearing aid batteries. To turn it on, tighten the bottom portion (turn clockwise) and the various LEDs flash a random pattern of green and blue. The bottom hull twists onto the upper hull so you can easily open the model to turn these LEDs on and off. When the batteries need changing, unscrew the bottom of the LED module and swap out the batteries. The instructions appear to show the LED module facing down but depending on how you mask and paint the model, you achieve some unique lighting effects.

With the model molded in clear, you do have an opportunity to add your own lighting to the model and let the clear clear parts conduct the lighting around the hull to those areas where you've left the clear exposed. Or you can simply paint the model and place it upon your desk or shelf as an interesting converstion piece.

This a fun project for kids of all ages and should you decide to paint the model, you'll spend far more time masking and painting that you will assembling this kit. Have a litte fun and grab one of these for yourself or your kids!

Here's a look at the assembled saucer with the lighting module at work:

My sincere thanks to Atlantis Model Company for this review sample!