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Lynx Kit

Belcher Bits 1/48 Lynx (Naval Version) Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review June 2005 Manufacturer Belcher Bits
Subject Westland Lynx (Naval Version) Scale 1/48
Kit Number BK-05 Primary Media Resin
Pros Nice fit Cons
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) Approx $100.00

First Look

Lynx Kit
Lynx Kit
Lynx Kit
Lynx Kit
Lynx Kit

The Westland Lynx is a result of an Anglo-French helicopter agreement reached in April 1968. Westland was the lead for the Lynx design and this type would become the first British aircraft designed to the Metric system.

The first Lynx prototype flew in March 1971 and was developed in two primary versions, the land-based AH.1 and the shipborne HAS.2. From these two basic designs have evolved a large family of aircraft variants that serve many countries around the world. Lynx operators include the UK, France, the Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Qatar, Denmark, Norway, and Germany.

Belcher Bits has released kit BK5 - the Naval variant of the Westland Lynx. The Army Lynx will be released as kit BK6. With the exception of the vacuformed windscreen/window sections, this kit is 100% resin in construction. This is the one and only kit available of the Lynx in 1/48 scale and it is a beauty!I saw a partially built example of this kit at the IPMS/USA 2001 National Convention at the Belcher Bits booth and I was instantly impressed.

You can see in the photos that the kit is cast in tan resin with lots of nice detailing on all of the proper surfaces. You won't see the fuselage in halves, per se, but you can see in the partial build photo from the Belcher display that the parts go together to form the airframe. The diagram to the right shows how the parts come together.

The numerous resin parts are nicely cast with fine panel lines cast on the exterior of the aircraft as well as nicely molded quilt-patterned insulator panels on the interior cabin walls. This kit is very detailed, featuring your choice of noses, tail sections and weaponry to create one of several Naval Lynx variants.

As is typical for a Belcher product, this kit features a 16-page instruction booklet that is very well illustrated for parts placement and scrap diagrams out of actual Lynx engineering drawings that highlight key details should you want to go the extra mile.

An extensive decal sheet is also included to create one of 17 aircraft. The decals correspond to also-provided optional parts to render an accurate version of your chosen aircraft. These versions include:

  • RN Lynx HAS.2, 702 Sqn, ca 1979
  • RN Lynx HAS.2, Falklands, ca 1982
  • RN Lynx HAS.2, 815 NAS, ca 1983
  • RN Lynx HAS.3, Kuwait, ca 1991
  • RN Lynx HMA.8, Lynx Operational Evaluation Unit, 1995
  • French Navy Lynx WG.13 (modified doors not included in kit)
  • French Navy Lynx Mk.2(FN), Flotille 31F, ca 1981
  • French Navy Lynx Mk.2(FN), Flotille 34F, ca 1983
  • French Navy Lynx Mk.4(FN), ca 1990
  • Dutch Navy Lynx UH-14A, ca 1978
  • Dutch Navy Lynx Mk.80, ca 1982
  • Dutch Navy Lynx Mk.90, ca 1990
  • German Navy Sea Lynx Mk.88, 2/MFG3, ca 1985
  • German Navy Super Lynx Mk.88A, ca 1999
  • Norwegian Coast Guard Lynx Mk.86, ca 1984
  • Portuguese Navy Super Lynx Mk.95, ca 1995

This is the first kit on the market of the Lynx helicopter in 1/48 scale. Based on the details and options available, this is easily the best Lynx kit on the market in any scale.

This is not a beginners kit nor should it be the first resin kit an average modeler would attempt. Without the right tools and some experience under your belt, you might find yourself damaging the kit and/or adhering yourself to your project (resin kits can only be assembled with cyano (Crazy Glue)). If you do have some experience working with resin and have the tools and work area suited for dealing with the trimming of resin parts and dealing with resin dust, this kit is for you!

The modular approach at the airframe assembly ensures the same type of hollow, spacious and detailed cabin that you would find in a plastic kit. I know that I am looking forward to building this kit myself. The major difficulty I am going to have is choosing a version and color scheme from all of the options!

If your hobby shop does not carry the Belcher Bits line of kits, details and decals, you can order them from their website at

My sincere thanks to Belcher Bits for this review sample!