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s.Pz.B.41 Kit

Bronco Models 1/35 2.8cm s.Pz.B.41 Anti-Tank Gun Set Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review January 2010 Manufacturer Bronco Models
Subject 2.8cm s.Pz.B.41 Anti-Tank Gun Set Scale 1/35
Kit Number 35034 Primary Media Styrene, PE
Pros Nicely detailed kit Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (USD) $54.98

First Look


The 2.8cm Schwere Panzerbuechse 41 was designed as a result of squeeze-bore experimentation in Germany, dating back to 1903. In 1939 the Mauser-Werk AG designed the Gerate 231 anti-tank rifle based on the Gerlich principal. The weapon had a tapering bore which reduced the soft metal jacket of the projectile from 20mm to 20mm. The tapering barrel construction resulted in a very high muzzle velocity of 1,400m/s, which greatly increased armor penetration. At 100 meter up to 75mm of vertical armor plate could be penetrated.

A total of 94 Mauser guns were tested in 1940 and the weapon was put into production as the 2.8cm s.Pz.B.41 early 1941. It was best described as a small, light weight anti-tank gun as it was mounted on a wheeled carriage. It was expensive to produce because of the high quality metals needed for the barrel. Production continued until 1943 with a total of 2,797 weapons being completed. It was used by the army and paratroops until the end of the war, some also being supplied to Germany's allies. However its effectiveness against tanks declined and it was considered obsolescent by 1942. The weapon was also seen mounted on Sd.Kfz.250 half-tracks and Sd.Kfz.221 armoured cars.

Information & research by Phil Greenwood - from the instruction booklet.

Bronco Models has released the s.Pz.B.41 anti-tank gun in 1/35 scale and to my knowledge, this is the first kit of this subject in styrene. The kit is molded in tan styrene and presented on six parts trees, plus one fret of photo-etched parts. As was the full-scale subject, this kit is a simple build yet has some nice details and options.

Three versions can be built out of this kit. The basic weapon and gun shield assembly is common to all three versions. Once yuo have the gun, breech mechanism, shield, and cradle assembled, you have to decide which carriage you'd like to have under the weapon. You have your choice of lightweight carriage that is designed to be lugged around by its crew, the same gun carriage that mounts onto a trailer that also has ammo storage that can be towed behind a Kubelwagen, or a cart mount.

Whichever configuration you select, the kit has lots of nice detail and will look great with some crew figures. Since the weapon was in use throughout the war, paint options include the standard Panzer Gray of the early war or the Desert Tan of later war weapons.

Bronco Models continues to turn out some impressive models and this one is no exception. This model will definitely stand out on your shelf.

This kit is highly recommended!

My sincere thanks to Stevens International for this review sample!