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M22 Locust Airborne Tank (T9E1)

Bronco Models 1/35 M22 Locust Airborne Tank (T9E1) Kit First Look

By Dave Manter

Date of Review July 2013 Manufacturer Bronco Models
Subject M22 Locust Airborne Tank (T9E1) Scale 1/35
Kit Number 35162 Primary Media Styrene/PE
Pros Outstanding details, full interior Cons None
Skill Level Advanced MSRP (USD) $46.50

First Look

M22 Locust Airborne Tank (T9E1)
M22 Locust Airborne Tank (T9E1)
M22 Locust Airborne Tank (T9E1)
M22 Locust Airborne Tank (T9E1)

The M22 Airborne Tank was designed and built to a British requirement issued in late 1942. However the US Army also became interested in the tank for their own Airborne forces. The T9 light tank was plagued with mechanical problems which were not entirely solved when the tank entered production in late 1943. Tanks delivered to the US Army were used to equip experimental airborne units, the 151st Airborne Tank Company and the 28th Airborne Tank Battalion. A small number of M22 tanks were sent to France with the 6th Army Group, but were not used in action. Armed with only a 37mm gun, the M22 was considered obsolete before it even entered service. Most M22's were scrapped after the war, but some survived. Egypt received a large number in 1946 and Belgium and Israel also operated the type.

The Bronco kit of the US M22 Locust consists of 284 styrene parts molded in green, 8 styrene parts molded in clear and 36 photo etch detail parts. All of the parts are molded to near perfection. There is no flash present and seam lines are minimal. The kit features and incredible amount of detail. Markings are provided for 5 different vehicles.

The kit features a full interior, minus an engine. It also features link and length track and has the sag molded into the top run. The tracks feature some of the best detail that I have ever seen on a kit.

You do get 2 options for the main fenders, one set with the front and rear mud guards and a set without them. The head light guards as well as the tool clamps are provided as photo etch. All hatches can be built in the open or closed position.

As this is a small tank, there are numerous tiny parts! Follow the instructions and you will be rewarded with an outstanding kit at the end.

My sincere thanks to DML for this review sample!