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Panzer Korps Series

DML 1/144 Panzer Korps Series Kit First Look

By Cookie Sewell

Date of Review September 2004 Manufacturer DML
Subject Panzer Korps Series Scale 1/144
Kit Number 14021, 14022, 14023, 14024 Primary Media grey styrene, etched brass
Pros First kits of these subjects in this scale; will compliment the " Anzio Annie" Leopold kit Cons Cannot be made to operate on a railroad layout without a great deal of work
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) TBA

First Look

  • No. 14021, Panzer Korps 15, Tank Carrying Car w/Pz. 38(t) and Railway Flatbed
  • No. 14022, Panzer Korps 16, Platformwagen w/Pz. III Ausf. F and Railway Gondola
  • No. 14023, Panzer Korps 17, Artilleriewagen and Box Wagen
  • No. 14024, Panzer Korps 18, Infantriewagen and Kommandowagen

DML has done an amazing job of its very small scale armor kits, and keeps them coming. These releases are along the same lines as the "Leopold" 28 cm railway gun types, as they are slightly modified from a scale 10mm gauge to 9mm to fit on normal N Gauge model railroad track. Each kit comes with either a straight and curve or switch and straight section, so the kits within can be either displayed together or separately on their own section of track. As with the previous releases, the track comes ballasted and ready to paint.

Each covers two subjects, most of which replicate earlier 1/35 scale kits. However, they are NOT pantographs of the big kits and are simplified in this scale for obvious reasons.

Kit 15 provides the "self-propelled" drive-in flat car with a Pzkw. 38(t) for its main propulsion, and a low-walled wagon like the one from 1/35 kit #6085.

Kit 16 provides a standard Ssy type flat car with Pzkw. III Ausf. F and also a standard Omm type two-axle open wagon.

Kit 17 provides a schwerer Panzerspaehwagen (Artilleriewagen) with a Pzkw. IV turret with L/24 gun from the section armored train, and a standard pre-war German two-axle box car.

Kit 18 provides a schwerer Panzerspaehwagen (Kommandowagen) command car with "mattress" antenna and a schwerer Panzerspaehwagen (Infantriewagen) infantry carrier.

All four kits come with a very thorough decal sheet, better than some I have seen with HO scale model train kits. Most provide some extra parts, especially the standard European buffers, as they are quite tiny in this scale and most likely to go "airborne" during installation.

None, however, come with working wheel sets, so anyone who wanted to run them on an N Gauge layout would have a considerable amount of work to convert them to working axles and couplers. The Panzerdrasine cars have them molded into the chassis, as an example.

The track is compatible with the "Leopold" track and will extend it, so any combination of these vehicles will be very handy with the big gun, especially the open wagon and boxcar.

Hopefully, since DML is "working on the railroad" they will provide a 1/144 scale BR 50 Kriegslok and more cars to compliment the sets!

Overall, these are neat little kits and something quite different - models that can be assembled in one sitting!

Thanks to DML for the review sample.