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Panzer Crew LAH Division Russia 1943

DML 1/35 Panzer Crew LAH Division Russia 1943 Kit First Look

By Cookie Sewell

Date of Review December 2004 Manufacturer DML
Subject Panzer Crew LAH Division Russia 1943 Scale 1/35
Kit Number 6214 Primary Media 62 parts (52 in grey styrene, 8 etched brass, 2 paper maps)
Pros New moldings gives German modelers an option from the original DML Panzer crew of 12 years ago Cons Three partial figures will require some sort of internal shelf inside the model for mounting
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $8.95

First Look

When DML released its German Panzer Crew (6028, Tiger Crew of five figures representing Michael Wittman and crew at rest, with four full figures and driver in the hatch) 12 years ago it quickly became a best-seller, and the figures appeared in many German models and dioramas. They were the first plastic crew to be in fine scale and closer to the mark than the ancient Tamiya tank crew then on the market, and modelers snapped them up in droves. But 12 years on, the poses grow stale, and as a result many modelers have turned to either newer Tamiya offerings (which usually come with kits, such as the Otto Carius set) or resin.

DML has now released a new set, based on troops from the 1st SS Panzerdivision (Liebstandart Adolf Hitler, which along with the SS affiliation is tactfully not cited on the box) with five new poses. Two are full figures, one a commander holding his headset and the other a tanker sitting on the side of the turret (with the legs where they are, either a Tiger II or Panther would seem to be an appropriate "seat"). One is "convertible" with either a set of legs in an informal post or that can be used as a half-figure as the driver. The other two are designed to fit in hatches of various vehicles.

The Ron Volstad artwork shows them in the camouflage pattern suits of the midwar era, and some details are given in closeup for assisting in painting them. Brass strips are included for the headset bands, a DML feature which they have maintained since starting their figure series.

The half-figures are not "magic" and will need some sort of support inside the vehicles the modeler selects for them, so be prepared to do some planning when you test fit them to the vehicle of your choice.

Overall a good idea from DML.

Thanks to DML for the review sample.