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Pak 40 with Fallschirmjaegers at Anzio 1944

DML 1/35 Pak 40 with Fallschirmjaegers "Anzio 1944" Kit First Look

By Cookie Sewell

Date of Review March 2005 Manufacturer DML
Subject Pak 40 with Fallschirmjaegers "Anzio 1944" Scale 1/35
Kit Number 6250 Primary Media 305 parts (291 in grey stryene, 5 etched brass, 4 in black vinyl, 4 turned brass, 1 turned aluminum)
Pros State-of-the-art kit of this popular AT gun, many build options Cons Gun shields not in brass (see text); no crew weapons included; comments about length of trails (see text)
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $21-24

First Look

Dragon has now released a "late model" version of their fine PaK 40 kit, the main difference being the recommendation to use different parts on the sprues and a completely new crew set of six Fallschirmjaeger figures (two sprues of three identical figures). It retains all of the carded extras from the first kit (optional etched brass detail parts, four turned brass rounds, a turned aluminum or plastic barrel, and four vinyl tires, either new or "chewed up.") The kit provides for options in regard to three different styles of wheels and three different styles of muzzle brakes (each formed of a casting and a face, with the casting being hollow molded.) Also, the modeler has optional positions for shields, trails, suspension arms, breech block, and gun servicing panels. The gun is fixed, however, so traverse must be set during assembly.

The gun shield is interesting, because unlike recent AFV Club efforts the shield is composed of two injection molded styrene sections with a brass gun mask (MA1) between them. The edges are "feathered" to a knife edge, so the modeler winds up with a shield that looks think but is actually quite sturdy and easy to attach.

The kit provides six figures in three poses that are new and unique to this kit, so if nothing else figure fans will want it for that reason. They represent figures with long sleeves and trousers under their well-known paratroop smock and come with plentiful accessories, but again no small arms are provided.

There are a number of additional items, such as four turned brass AP rounds, four styrene HE rounds, two ammo crates and a number of shipping tubes and three expended cases. The decals are primarily for these parts and provide the necessary stencils in both black and white. Since guns rarely bear any markings other than stray "serviced on" decals, there are none included. Finishing options for a total of six weapons are provided, including one that is Panzerbraun with "polka-dot" white snow camouflage that will test the painter's eye.

Right after this kit and its competitor from AFV Club came out, there was a slight flap on many websites that the DML kit's trails were something around 12mm too long. This caused a number of snarls, and then other posts came out that indicated that they were correct and that there had been a change in the design, but DML's plans and measurements were correct. I do not have precise enough (only an old set by Hilary Doyle) but they seem accurate with about 1.5mm to me based on simple measurements (e.g. about 52mm or 2 inches in scale). (I do note that the gates on the molds have been filled in and new gates added, so the originals may have been off and the new ones are corrected.)

Overall this is a beauty of a kit and should prove popular with anyone having an idea for a diorama or put a 3-ton halftrack to good use.

Thanks to DML for the review sample.