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Germania Regiment, France 1940

DML 1/35 Germania Regiment, France 1940 Gen2 Kit First Look

By Cookie Sewell

Date of Review November 2005 Manufacturer DML
Subject Germania Regiment, France 1940 Gen2 Scale 1/35
Kit Number 6281 Primary Media 335 parts (287 in grey styrene, 48 in etched brass)
Pros Early figures will compliment early model tank kits from DML Cons Figures will take far more time to carefully assemble as well as to determine poses and features
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $12.00

First Look

The “Germania” regiment was one of the first three units formed which would eventually become the Waffen-SS, and as such had a bit different career than other units. Mostly associated with the 2nd SS Panzer Division (“Das Reich”) the regiment did change hands a few times over the course of its career.

DML’s new figure set represents the unit as it was in France during the 1940 campaign, and as such is interesting as it shows the first uniforms used by Waffen-SS soldiers. As such the figures are shown without collar tabs; not being a rabid historian on the actions of the SS, I am not sure if this is correct or a bow to many European governments who, while accepting the display of historically important models and uniforms, do not tolerate any display of SS or Nazi memorabilia and thus DML had Ron Volstad “pre-censor” the artwork.

Nevertheless, the box contains four of the new “Gen 2" figures with amazing amounts of detail and choices of options for the modeler. Each figure now consists of 16 basic parts: legs, arms, torso halves, head halves, hands, boots and four-part jacket skirt. The “kit” supplied is also as detailed, with separate cup/cover for the canteen, three-part gas mask canister, optional bayonet and entrenching tool types and positions, and various bags and pouches.

The new design common weapons sprues are also provided. Sprue WA provides two Kar 98K rifles with a choice of open or closed bolts and six 5-round “stripper” clips for each one. Sprue WB provides common parts for standard MG 34 and MG 42 machine guns, such as drums and boxes, all with separate carrying handles. Sprue WC (the machine gun) is not provided with this set, but Sprue WD provides a Czech Zb.26 light machine gun (which Enfield modified to become the British Bren gun) and an MP 18 submachine gun. Both come with extra magazines, and the MP 18 has a choice of closed or open bolt.

The set also includes the previously released set of etched metal badges and awards -- 48 in all -- but no SS collar tabs or runes are provided; as I mentioned, however, I am not sure if they were used at this time or not.

One of the nice additions in this kit – sure to be popular with many modelers – is a set of French road signs of the period, with two 4 x 4 type poles and a total of 15 sign boards. Legend is provided via a sheet of special decals for the signs.

Overall this is the second new Gen 2 set to be released, and it shows that DML is still leading the pack. Now to hope that they “Gen 2" US and Commonwealth figures!

Thanks to DML for the review sample.