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German Panzergrenadiers Kharkov 1943

DML 1/35 German Panzergrenadiers Kharkov 1943 - Premium Edition Kit First Look

By Cookie Sewell

Date of Review April 2006 Manufacturer DML
Subject German Panzergrenadiers Kharkov 1943 - Premium Edition Scale 1/35
Kit Number 6305 Primary Media 311 parts (259 parts in grey styrene, 48 parts in etched brass, 4 heads in "DS" plastic)
Pros Takes an older figure set and brings it up to date; many spare and replacement parts Cons Positions somewhat static compared to recent releases; only a set of extra heads provided, not arms or hands
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $11.95

First Look

DML is now re-releasing some of their earlier figure sets as "Premium Editions" which add a good deal of new kit, produced with their "slide molding" technique, and a selection of DML's new "standard" sprues. They also provide four new heads per kit.

The kits each consist of their original kit main sprue with four figures on it as well as their basic kit: canteens, bread bags, gas masks, bayonets, and helmets. But now each kit also includes the "standard" GA and GB sprues. GA provides mess kits, canteens, entrenching tools and bayonets that are far more detailed (i.e. helmets with interiors, the canteen cup is separate, the gas mask canisters have three pieces, etc.) and contemporary. The GB sprue provides all sorts of magazine pouches, bread bags, and holsters, both open and closed.

The new GC sprue which appears in kit #6305 in full and partially in #6305 consists of three sub-sprues with pistols, magazines, grenades, and entrenching tools to include one out of its holder. The pistols provided are two flare pistols (one closed, one broken open for loading), a Psc pistol, a P.38, and a P.08 Luger. Grenades include eight "potato mashers" and six "egg" type.

The weapons sprues are also standardized. WA provides two Kar 98 rifles with six clips and a choice of open or closed bolt. WB comes with two MP-40s, one MP-44 and one Gewehr 41 self-loading rifle. WC is the standard machine gun sprue, and in the case of kit #6305 comes with one MG-42.

The heads in both kits are different, with the ones from Kharkov having one with a wrapped scarf covering a soft cap, one bare headed, and two that need headgear. The ones in the Karachev kit are two bare heads and two for helmets. Sculpting is much better than the early faces, and the use of "DS" plastic means they can be cemented to the bodies with little difficulty and have much better overall detail.

The "standard" German etched brass fret is included, which provides weapons slings, belt buckles, epaulettes, combat badges, and medals as well as helmet straps.

Only the original kit arms and legs are included, so the one thing the modeler does not have an option on is changing poses or weapons selection for the figures.

Nice new color painting sheets, based on the Ron Volstad artwork, are included for each kit.

Overall these are nice kits, upgrading older DML kits to modern standards, and keeping prices relatively low.

Thanks to DML for the review sample.