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Vergfügungstruppe France 1940

DML 1/35 Vergfügungstruppe France 1940 Kit First Look

By Cookie Sewell

Date of Review May 2007 Manufacturer DML
Subject Vergfügungstruppe France 1940 Scale 1/35
Kit Number 6309 Primary Media 98 parts in grey styrene
Pros Another uniform option for German fans; nicely done weapons of somewhat exotic nature Cons No explanation as to what this set is or what it is doing
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $9.50

First Look

There are times I am easily stumped by models when the kit does not readily identify what it is or what is does. This is one of those times, so bear with me. The kit calls itself "Verfügungstruppe" which as near as my German permits me to translate is "Disposal Troops" – but more along the lines of explosive ordnance device (EOD) clearing engineers. What it comes with is a set of four figures wearing early pattern smocks with an "ambush" color pattern on them and weapons such as the Model 39 antitank rifle and a Bergman MP18 submachine gun. They are very relaxed and having chow (a 1/35 spoon is even part of their kit!) and one figure has a chunk of white bread in his hand.

There is what appears to be an engineer munitions case with them so they may well be engineers involved in obstacle clearing, but from the box art it seems more like checking for booby traps in captured French equipment (they are posed with two French light tanks.)

The kit is typical "first generation" DML – six main parts per figure and a good deal of add-on kit (bread bags, canteens, gas mask canisters, mess kits, entrenching tools, and a few oddities like a Mauser Model 1896 in its holster. Helmets are provided with matching camouflage covers, but all four figures have solid heads and are bare-headed. One man is bandaged.

Weaponry consists of two Mauser Kar 98K rifles, two of the Model 39 antitank rifles with extra clips and bipods, and the Bergmann SMG with four magazines and a choice of open or closed bolts.

Internally the kit is identified as "Das Reich" – e.g. 2nd SS Panzer Division – so that could explain some of the lack of description on the box art. The box art is not from old reliable Ron Volstad but an uncredited artist, and the directions are not those like Ron uses as well. They are not as clear and somewhat confusing as they show the assembled figures and then the box art with lines and arrows for painting.

Overall the figures are great as usual – but I just wish I knew more of what they are supposed to be doing!

Thanks to DML for the review sample.