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Kuebelwagen Workshop w/DAK Troops

DML 1/35 Kuebelwagen Workshop w/DAK Troops Kit First Look

By Cookie Sewell

Date of Review August 2007 Manufacturer DML
Subject Kuebelwagen Workshop w/DAK Troops Scale 1/35
Kit Number 6338 Primary Media 264 parts (201 in grey styrene, 55 etched brass, 8 clear styrene)
Pros Another useful variant of the Bego VW kit, includes a number of detail accessories for dioramas Cons Subtle reuse of older/obsolete figure sets
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $19.95

First Look

DML rolls on with their combination DML/ mini-diorama kits that offer different combinations of parts and figures with their yeoman VW kit.

This one combines the Bego molds with "‘39-‘45 Series" figure set 6063, a DAK rest camp with accessories, the figures from "Imperial Series" kit number 9042, and a lot of etched brass bits to come up with a mechanic's version of the vehicle. Ignoring what DML recommends being condemned to the parts bin, this kit comes with no less than eight figures, a dog and a lizard!

The kit provides the complete Bego VW kit as a pre-packaged element with all five major sprues in a bag so they can easily be packed in the kits. It's a nice kit, but as its merits and failings have been discussed in the past I will not dwell on it. Suffice it to say it is pretty decent and most modelers are happy with the kit.

The two generic Bego figures are in normal (European) German uniforms. The other six figures are all in Afrika Korps uniforms and kit (but I wonder how many Rommels one can actually build and use!) The rest camp figures are very relaxed and wear different items, to include a pullover and two different pith helmets. They come with a stove, mess tins, canteens and three different designs of water bottles/water jugs of different sizes. A two-piece puppy and one-piece lizard are included.

The tool boxes and bins are all etched brass, making up most of the new bits in this kit. But the directions are a bit confusing, as they seem to be at cross purposes. The mechanic's vehicle has the back seat replaced with a tool bin and drawers and seemingly having the drawers and front right seat occupy the same place and location at the same time. The box art says this is not so, but the directions are not very clear on this point. The vehicle's rear seat top is replaced by a etched brass lid for access to more of the tool bins.

A number of parts must be cut out or trimmed; fair warning, look for the blue flags in the directions. The saddest part is that once all of the etched brass is folded and installed, there are no tools to display in any of the drawers or cabinets!

The kit states that a new set of generic markings from Cartograf are provided, but only one (Unidentified Unit, of course) vehicle is covered in the finishing directions in DAK Braun (dark yellow).

Overall this kit makes more sense than some from the "boutique" series, and many figure modelers will enjoy fattening up their spares bins. I do wish they had provided some etched or injected tools for the bins though!

Thanks to DML for the review sample.

  • A 23 VW body parts (Bego)
  • B 45 VW top parts and seat details (Bego)
  • C 15 VW details (Bego)
  • D 4 VW floorboards (Bego)_
  • E 23 VW wheels and two figures (Bego)_
  • E 11 German mess kits and canteens
  • F 13 German water bottles
  • G 8 VW clear windshield (Bego)
  • N 12 Three "Jerry" cans
  • 9042 22 Rommel and driver figures from Imperial kit
  • 6063 33 German Afrika Korps (four figures and a dog) set
  • MA 14 etched brass
  • MB 30 etched brass
  • MC 5 etched brass
  • MD 6 etched brass