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2cm Flak Crew w/Sd.Ah.51

DML 1/35 2cm Flak Crew w/Sd.Ah.51 Kit First Look

By Cookie Sewell

Date of Review February 2007 Manufacturer DML
Subject 2cm Flak Crew w/Sd.Ah.51 Scale 1/35
Kit Number 6368 Primary Media 82 parts in grey styrene
Pros Finally provides a good quality crew for the 2 cm or 3 cm towed Flak guns from DML; figures very well done even though normal (not Gen2) figures Cons Inclusion of the complete Sd.An. 51 trailer without the gun a bizarre feature which beggars explanation
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $10.98

First Look

There are times I am stymied by marketing forces and how and why some kits are released and others, albeit closely related, are not. Also, when you have "natural" pairings of kits why the manufacturer does not marry them up right off the bat and instead releases the kits separately. This is one of those kits.

In late 2005 Tristar released a new kit of a 2 cm Flak 38 with Sd.Ah. 51 trailer and a crew as separate kits, but at the same time. When word came out that DML was going to release a competing 2 cm Flak 38 kit with trailer in January 2006, Tristar re-released its two kits as one boxed set. However, DML did not have a crew for its gun at that time. Later, in June 2006, DML released a Flakpanzer I with the same gun – still no crew. Finally, in September 2006, DML released a kit of a 3 cm "Jaboschrek" using the same carriage and Sd.Ah. 51 trailer as the 2 cm – still no crew. Now, finally, in February 2007 DML has released the crew for the 2 cm weapon.

The Tristar crew, five figures in all, was not bad but somewhat stiff when compared to DML efforts; at the end of the day, their figure sets, even those not using their "Gen2" designs or technology, are still among the best in the world. DML's new set provides four figures in Luftwaffe field uniforms, which is good to see as none of the others so far has used that option, so many modelers will want to get them for that reason if no other.

The figures are typical of the standard DML figure sets – six parts to each basic figure: head, torso, legs and arms. A separate sprue of six helmets is provided which are from one of the Gen2 sprues (GC). The figures also come with six 2 cm magazines, binoculars, and even the neckstrap pad for the binoculars. The kit provides a gun commander/spotter, a gunner designed to fit on the 2 cm carriage, and two "other numbers" carrying magazines.

But for some odd reason – and this stumps me – the kit provides a complete Sd.Ah.51 as an accessory. Considering the fact that the trailer COMES in the 2 cm and 3 cm kits, this seems to be a very odd choice to add to the kit. (The gun less the trailer would make better sense at least.) So unless the modeler has need of a spare carriage – such as an added accessory for the Flakpanzer or somebody else's 2 cm kit – it is completely redundant.

I suppose that DML has a method to this offering, but for the moment it evades me.

Overall, the figures will be very welcome and I think most fans of antiaircraft guns in general will want to pick up a set or two.