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Soviet Black Sea Commando Crimea 1944

DML 1/35 Soviet Black Sea Commando Crimea 1944 Kit First Look

By Cookie Sewell

Date of Review October 2008 Manufacturer DML
Subject Soviet Black Sea Commando Crimea 1944 Scale 1/35
Kit Number 6457 Primary Media 67 parts in grey styrene
Pros Crisp new set of Soviet sailors in an infantry role Cons Older generation weapons sets
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $10

First Look

When the Germans took over the Crimea in 1941-1942, they essentially denied the Soviets the use of the seaports (most notably Odessa) and the use of the majority of the Black Sea Fleet. During the defense of Odessa, the Soviets had converted a large number of their sailors to infantry to use in the defense of the city and the peninsula. As a result, over the years they developed special operations teams – “diversionary reconnaissance” being the Soviet term – to operate behind enemy lines and basically disrupt enemy command and control.

This set now embodies four members of one of these teams: an officer, dressed in a camouflaged scout outfit, carrying a PPSh and using binoculars while kneeling; a sniper in a Soviet “ghillie” suit with a Model 1891 rifle fitted with a scope; a corporal (kapral) in pilotka cap and quilted jacket with a PPSh; and a sailor in the camouflage scout outfit with a PPSh and wearing a Model 1942 helmet. While the cover art shows a rubber raft, none is provided in the kit.

The figures are all basic DML “Gen1" figures with six basic parts to each one and with two having separate collar sections for the hooded scout uniform combo. The sniper is wearing the “matros” sailor’s cap and a hood, so his head comes with his hat in place and a two-part hood section to close up the sides. His “ghillie” suit comes with the strings in place, so it should be easy to dry-brush them for better effect when completed.

Molding and facial work is typical DML - well done and with “personality” to each one.

The only minor letdown is the weapons sets which come from some of the older DML sets. The sprues provide a total of two Model 1891 rifles with two different scopes, four PPSh submachine guns – three with drums and one with a “stick” magazine, one Model 1891 carbine, one MP40 and one MP44. While the weapons are not bad, they are not as nice as the new mold “Gen2" weapons.

The only minor problem with these figures is using them as there are no associated armored vehicles or other weapons with which they are associated, so they will probably have to be used as individual figures or in an “ambush” of German troops.

Overall as with nearly all DML sets they are well done and worth the money.

Thanks to DML for the review sample.

Sprue Layout:

  • 6068 8 Weapons from “Red Army Scouts and Snipers” figure set
  • 6006 11 Weapons from “Cross of Iron” figure set
  • 6457 48 Four figures and uniform kit