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German Fighting Elites in the East

DML 1/35 German Fighting Elites in the East - Gen2 Gear Kit First Look

By Cookie Sewell

Date of Review January 2012 Manufacturer DML
Subject German Fighting Elites in the East - Gen2 Gear Scale 1/35
Kit Number 6692 Primary Media 144 parts in grey styrene
Pros Four nicely done single figures in one box; cheaper than some recent sets Cons Still more German figures
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (USD) $12.95

First Look

DML continues to crank out one set of German figures after another and this latest set is of four single SS figures (politically correct per Council of Europe rules with their SS runes missing from the artwork) in midwar uniforms. Two of the figures are dressed in camouflaged smocks and helmet covers, one is in standard field uniform, and on is an officer in what appears to be a Sturmartillerie uniform jacket with cap.

Each one comes in six parts (head, torso, arms, and legs) with the officer having a separate left hand for posing. The kit comes with the usual variety of generic DML “Gen2 Gear” kit and weapons.

This one does come with some new bits as part of the main sprue, however. Four cigarettes are provided as well as two flare pistols – one open for loading and one ready for use. However, none of the figures are shown using it! Two types of “potato masher” grenades are provided as is a Model 1896 “broomhandle” Mauser pistol with shoulder stock/holster.

Directions are photos of the “stick here” variety and only the box art is provided for painting; the images appear to be by Ron Volstad but are left unsigned.

Overall this is a typical well-done DML set and will provide four single figures or a pair of camo smocked ones for use in dioramas. But how many more sets of Germans do we really need? It is a shame DML has not provided more variety – and with their Ka-Mi tanks, why no Japanese sets?

Thanks to DML for the review sample.

Sprue Layout:

  • 6692 50 Four figures, basic kit, accessories
  • G 60 German Generic Kit: helmets, bread bags, canteens, ammo pouches
  • G 4 German Generic Kit: entrenching tools
  • W 30 German Generic Weapons: 4 x Kar 98K, MG34, MG42, 3 x MP40