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Battle of Kharkov 1943

DML 1/35 Battle of Kharkov 1943 First Look

By Cookie Sewell

Date of Review November 2013 Manufacturer DML
Subject Battle of Kharkov 1943 Scale 1/35
Kit Number 6782 Primary Media 148 parts in grey styrene
Pros Four single figures (actually two pairs) for use with dioramas or vehicles Cons Mediocre assembly and painting directions
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (USD) $16.95

First Look

DML continues releasing kits of a similar theme but with four single figures for use separately in either dioramas or vehicle bases. This one provides two German and two Soviet figures from the winter of 1943.

One of the Germans is wearing the white side of the camouflage parka out and a white helmet cover and is kneeling while firing an MP40; the other German is standing with the field grey side of the parka out and is carrying a German ration can, two loaves of bread and extra canteens. One Soviet soldier is kneeling in a Soviet camouflage combination and is firing a PPSh submachine gun; the other is standing with a Moisin rifle and overcoat smoking a cigarette. Both wear the simple Russian "Ushanka" fur hat.

Each figure consists of at least six parts (head, torso, legs and arms) with a separate skirt for the standing Soviet soldier and the German with the rations. Soviet weapons are found on the main kit sprue.

The kit includes the "Gen 2" gear from DML for the Germans along with the complete set of entrenching tools and a full weapons sprue.

Cover painting is by Zgonnik and is much better than the pseudo-Photoshop covers used on some recent kits. But once again the directions are of the "Stick this part here and paint like the box art" variety.

Overall the figures are well done and used individually will compliment a vehicle or add to a diorama.

Thanks to DML for the review sample.

Sprue Layout:

  • 6782 50 Four figures, kit, Russian weapons
  • G 60 German Generic Kit – helmets, bread bags, pistols, holsters, canteens
  • G 4 German Generic Kit - folded entrenching tools
  • G 4 German Generic Kit – unfolded entrenching tools
  • W 30 German Generic Weapons - 4 x Kar 98k, 3 x MP40, 1 x MG42, 1 x MG34