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M1025 ASK w/LRAS3 and M1025 ASK PsyOp

DML 1/72 M1025 ASK w/LRAS3 and M1025 ASK PsyOp Team Kit First Look

By Cookie Sewell

Date of Review November 2007 Manufacturer DML
Subject M1025 ASK w/LRAS3 and M1025 ASK PsyOp Team Scale 1/72
Kit Number 7309 Primary Media 198 parts (170 in grey styrene, 18 in clear styrene, 8 grey DS plastic tires, 2 etched brass)
Pros Two more variants to the growing DML line of 1/72 scale Humvees Cons Out of the ordinary variants may be unappealing to modelers
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $13.98

First Look

DML continues after a year hiatus to produce more variants of the trusty HMMWV (Humm-Vee) as used in Iraq. These are the uparmored M1025 variant with one carrying the LRAS3 long range reconnaissance system (a multispectral camera by any other name) and a psychological operations team with loudspeakers.

The latter is interesting as these sorts of teams have been common since loudspeakers were invented. Most of the time the systems are unarmored and unprotected (the Marines in Korea being the only ones to be different, using a speaker mounted on the roof of an M46 to "persuade" Chinese to surrender - or else.)

The kit is typical of the HMMWV kits with the same standard parts breakdown. What the modeler gets in the box are two identical chassis sets with the armored body and the 41 part "boilerplate" sprue with details and interior parts, the "boilerplate" styrene sprue for the windshield and doors, and then the new bits.

The LRAS3 version comes with a box that mounts on the hip ring, but there are none of the components one would expect such as displays, power supplies, or radio mounts.

The PsyOP team vehicle has the speakers on the side of the hip ring but a gun mount is provided and used with any of a number of weapons. The kit now comes with a new weapons sprue with the hip ring and a choice of two M240s, one Mark 19 30mm grenade launcher, and one M2HB plus other components.

Both vehicles now have a choice of either etched brass grille guards or plastic, as well as the extended air cleaners.

Markings and finishing directions are provided for two vehicles: the LRAS3 vehicle is from D Troop, 1-9 Cav, Iraq 2004; the PysOp team is a generic one with now markings.

Overall these are nice little models, but as noted they are a bit esoteric and may not be as popular as previous releases.

Thanks to DML for the review sample.

Sprue Breakout:

  • A 41x2 HMMWV common base parts (wheels, axles, details)
  • B 1x2 HMMWV uparmored body
  • C 8 Grey DS plastic tires
  • D 9x 2 HMMWV clear styrene windows, doors and roof
  • E 39x2 HMMWV armament package items
  • G 1x2 HMMWV extended intake
  • M 6 PsyOp loudspeaker set and amplifier
  • MA 2 etched brass grille guards