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Scale 3rd Fallschirmjaeger Division - Kingtiger Henschel Production Ardennes 1944 Part 1

DML 1/72 Scale 3rd Fallschirmjaeger Division - Kingtiger Henschel Production Ardennes 1944 Part 1 Kit First Look

By Cookie Sewell

Date of Review February 2008 Manufacturer DML
Subject 3rd Fallschirmjaeger Division - Kingtiger Henschel Production Ardennes 1944 Part 1 Scale 1/72
Kit Number 7361 Primary Media 405 parts (147 for tank in grey styrene, 252 for figures in grey styrene, 4 etched brass, 2 DS tan plastic)
Pros Good base kit plus amazing figures and detail parts, sure to find “homes” in many other projects as well Cons Very tiny parts, only difference in the kits are the figure sets
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $22.00

First Look

DML has now moved into a new area – 1/72 scale figure sets, but unlike the majority of their excellent 1/35 scale figure sets, these are combined with a related kit. Here, since this kit is based on the Ardennes (e.g. Battle of the Bulge) with the 3rd FJG Division, it comes with a late-production Tiger II without zimmerit.

The vehicle is based on the recent upgrades with zimmerit and as such has the two-piece styrene hull designed to screw together; as it was based on the old die-cast one it retains screw holes under the engine deck and radio operator’s hatch. The axles remain attached to the hull, but this is slide molded with sponsons in place as well.

The rest of the parts are cleaned up versions of the original parts . A very shallow engine bay is also included (recall it used to have to clear the screw mounts) as well as solid plastic screens for the front intakes on the engine deck; however, this kit now also includes much better and more accurate etched brass ones as well. The turret has two optional position crew hatches and the rear gun removal hatch. No interior parts are included in this kit except the engine bay.

The wheels appear to be nicely done, and all injection pin marks are hidden when the suspension is in place. The tracks are now the DS ones so may be glued together as with normal styrene plastic.

This kit only includes eight two-link track sections, which are more than sufficient.


The figures are amazing for their size, and the details approach the 1/35 scale ones in quality. Each figure consists of seven parts – legs, arms, torso and two heads, one bare and one designed to fit under a helmet. The four figures in Set 1 provide one standing figure and three seated tank riders, and Set 2 provides four standing figures. All are in casual poses, so it will be difficult to get an “action” pose out of any of them. All are in smocks.

Each one also comes with nearly the exact same amount of kit as a 1/35 scale “Gen2" figure and more weapons. Each set comes with a huge amount (134 pieces) of general purpose kit and 50 pieces of weapons. The weapons set includes two sets of four helmets (land forces and airborne styles), 12 x Kar 98K, 4 x MG-34, 4 x MP-38/40, 2 x MP-44, and 2 x Sten Guns. There are extra helmets on the sprues with netting or camouflage covers.

Finishing directions are provided for both in color. The figure finishing directions are by Ron Volstad. Markings are provided for only one unit – s.Pz.Abt.501, Ardennes, 1944. A number jungle is provided for all companies in the battalion and the headquarters, so the numbers cover black, red, yellow and blue numerals. The sheet is from Cartograf.

Overall, while it might have been nicer to provide different kits with each figure set, this way the intrepid modeler gets two Tiger II tanks and eight figures with both kits, plus a ton of kit to use in halftracks or other German vehicles.

Thanks to DML for the review sample.

Sprue Layout:

King Tiger:

  • A 76 Jagdtiger wheels
  • B 20 Tiger II Henschel turret and hull details
  • C 49 Jadgtiger engine deck and hull details
  • D 1 Tiger II upper hull
  • E 1 Tiger II lower hull
  • K 2 DS plastic track runs
  • MA 4 etched brass


  • GA 67x2 German 1/72 kit (canteens, mess kits, gas mask canisters, ammo pouches)
  • WA 25x2 German 1/72 weapons (Kar 98K, MG34, MP38, MP40, MP44, helmets)
  • I 34x2 German Ardennes Figures Set 1 (two figures)