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5.5cm Zwilling Flakpanzer

DML 1/72 5.5cm Zwilling Flakpanzer Kit First Look

By Dave Manter

Date of Review September 2013 Manufacturer DML
Subject 5.5cm Zwilling Flakpanzer Scale 1/72
Kit Number 7488 Primary Media Styrene
Pros New turret molding Cons None
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (USD) $24.99

First Look

5.5cm Zwilling Flakpanzer
5.5cm Zwilling Flakpanzer
5.5cm Zwilling Flakpanzer
5.5cm Zwilling Flakpanzer

The Dragon kit consists of 124 styrene parts molded in grey and a set of DS tracks. 41 of the parts are not used for this version. All of the parts are molded to Dragons very high standards and feature crisp and sharp details. No flash is present.

Some key features of the kit are:

  • Newly tooled 5.5cm Zwilling Flak cannons can be posed at different angles
  • Fully detailed 5.5cm cannons
  • Gun muzzles are hollow
  • Gun mantlet is assembled from multiple parts
  • Highly detailed commanders cupola on accurately molded Flak turret
  • Slide molded upper hull with full detail
  • Detailed design for rear plate and stowage boxes
  • Engine deck with delicate details
  • Intricate road wheels
  • Armored side skirts included
  • One piece DS tracks

Fit of the main parts is good and it looks like Dragon has another winner with this one!

Thanks to DML for this review sample.