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Marcel Bloch MB.155C.1 Kit

Dora Wings 1/48 Marcel Bloch MB.155C.1 Kit First Look

By David L. Veres

Date of Review October 2020 Manufacturer Dora Wings
Subject Marcel Bloch MB.155C.1 Scale 1/48
Kit Number 48021 Primary Media Styrene, Photo-Etch
Pros Crisp moldings, fine recessed scribing Cons Novices might consider kit complexity daunting
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (GBP) TBA

First Look

Marcel Bloch MB.155C.1 Kit
Marcel Bloch MB.155C.1 Kit
Marcel Bloch MB.155C.1 Kit
Marcel Bloch MB.155C.1 Kit
Marcel Bloch MB.155C.1 Kit
Marcel Bloch MB.155C.1 Kit
Marcel Bloch MB.155C.1 Kit
Marcel Bloch MB.155C.1 Kit
Marcel Bloch MB.155C.1 Kit
Marcel Bloch MB.155C.1 Kit

Bloch fighters proved tough, hard-hitting Luftwaffe opponents during 1940’s “Battle of France”. Unfortunately, enhancements to main-production MB.152s failed completely to correct ongoing speed and range issues.

Enter the Marcel Bloch MB.155.

Using existing components to speed production, the MB.155 also sported refined aerodynamics, greater engine power, and larger fuel capacity – addressing many problems plaguing prior Bloch designs.

Now Dora Wings again repeats history by following its MB.151 and 152 kits with a 1:48-scale MB.155. Like its plastic progenitors, this features:

  • dozens of virtually flash-free, gray and clear styrene components on eight trees,
  • photoetched metal details, and
  • 1 cleanly cast resin component.

Trees B, D, E, and H duplicate those in Dora Wings’ earlier MB.152 release. And canopy Tree C, fuselage Tree A, and cowling/rudder Tree F – the last retaining previous fin and wing center section components – provide dedicated MB.155 parts.

All sport crisp moldings and finely recessed scribing. The sensibly engineered canopy again divides along panel lines – just as the original did. And resin part “25” once more joins plastic part G25 as wheel-bay end caps to main spar H10 – the last misidentified in construction notes.

The package also includes precisely printed decals and 12-page instructions with parts maps, 14-step assembly sequence, color guides, and paint recommendations for:

  • MB.155 No.702, GC I/1, June 1940
  • MB.155 No.708, GC II/8, Armée de l’Air de l’armistice, 1942
  • MB.155 No.706, GC II/8, 1940
  • MB.155 No.705, GC II/8, 1940

Transfers include instrument-panel decals. And photoetch details and canopy masks complete contents.

Alas, the MB.155 proved too little, too late – and just 35 were produced for Armée de l’Air and Vichy service.

But it’s not too late for you. Nor with a marvelous, meaty mix of components and markings is Dora Wings’ beautiful MB.155 “too little”. Excepting paint and glue, it provides everything you need to add this curvaceous combatant to your “Blitzkrieg-era” collection!

With thanks to Dora Wings for the sample.