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Miles M.9 Master Mk.I Kit

Dora Wings 1/48 Miles M.9 Master Mk.I Kit First Look

By David L. Veres

Date of Review September 2021 Manufacturer Dora Wings
Subject Miles M.9 Master Mk.I Scale 1/48
Kit Number 48033 Primary Media Styrene, Photo-Etch
Pros Crisp moldings, fine recessed scribing, clear instructions, beautifully printed decals Cons Novices might consider kit complexity daunting
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (GBP) TBA

First Look

Miles M.9 Master Mk.I Kit
Miles M.9 Master Mk.I Kit
Miles M.9 Master Mk.I Kit
Miles M.9 Master Mk.I Kit
Miles M.9 Master Mk.I Kit
Miles M.9 Master Mk.I Kit
Miles M.9 Master Mk.I Kit
Miles M.9 Master Mk.I Kit

In 1938 – amid frenzied, pre-WWII rearmament efforts – Britain placed its largest trainer order to date for the new Miles M.9 Master Mk.I.

And for good reason, Miles Aircraft historian Don L. Brown argues.

The Royal Air Force required an aircraft that primed pilots for its latest, high-performance Hurricane and Spitfire fighters. And the sleek, swift Miles design perfectly fit the bill.

The machine proved so advanced that, to supplement front-line interceptors during the Battle of Britain, Miles actually converted 25 to six-gun, single-seat “emergency fighters”.

Dora Wings’ crisply molded, 1:48-scale kit beautifully captures this curvaceous RAF classic.

Contents include an impressive 150 gray plastic parts on six trees, aftermarket-quality extras, comprehensive instructions, and markings for four aircraft. And all come carefully packaged in plastic bags.

Components quality is uniformly outstanding. At worst, styrene parts sport just hints of flash. And without care, thickly applied paint might hide exquisitely fine raised and indented kit detail.

The jaw-dropping cockpit alone comprises dozens of plastic and photoetch items. And assembly spans 25 eye-crossing steps. Add radiator and main gear wells, and Master Mk.I interior details reach resoundingly remarkable proportions.

Crystal-clear canopy parts include two configurations with open & closed options. And an equally impressive suite of aftermarket-quality details supplement styrene trees:

  • Three (3) frets of 29 photoetch metal pieces
  • One (1) set of canopy painting masks

Hard to believe that Dora Wings’ model is “limited run”.

The 12-page, English-language instructions include parts maps and paint matches keyed to five different paint manufacturers: Mr. Hobby, Tamiya, Ammo-Mig, Hataka, and LIFEColor.

The kit’s compact, beautifully printed decal sheet includes insignia, serials, instrument panels, and a few dozen microscopic stencils. And the corresponding color guide depicts four (4) subjects:

  • M.9 Master Mk.I N7576, 8th FTS, Spring 1940
  • M.9 Master Mk.I N7547, Fleet Air Arm, February 1940
  • M.9 Master Mk.I N7412, first prototype, September 1938
  • M.9 Master Mk.I T8629, No.5 Service Flying Training School, Summer 1942

Dora Wings continues setting world standards for “limited run”, injection-molded aircraft subjects. And its Miles M.9 Master Mk.I stands at an apex of kit quality and completeness.

More, Dora Wings – please!

With thanks to Dora Wings for the sample.