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Curtiss-Wright CW-22B Kit

Dora Wings 1/48 Curtiss-Wright CW-22B Kit First Look

By David L. Veres

Date of Review November 2022 Manufacturer Dora Wings
Subject Curtiss-Wright CW-22B Scale 1/48
Kit Number 48036 Primary Media Styrene, Photo-Etch
Pros Crisp moldings, fine recessed scribing, clear instructions, beautifully printed decals Cons Complexity might dissuade novices
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (Euro) 31€

First Look

Curtiss-Wright CW-22B Kit
Curtiss-Wright CW-22B Kit
Curtiss-Wright CW-22B Kit
Curtiss-Wright CW-22B Kit
Curtiss-Wright CW-22B Kit
Curtiss-Wright CW-22B Kit
Curtiss-Wright CW-22B Kit
Curtiss-Wright CW-22B Kit
Curtiss-Wright CW-22B Kit
Curtiss-Wright CW-22B Kit

Don’t be shocked if future dictionary definitions of “resilience” show maps of Ukraine.

That’s how remarkable the country’s resistance to Vladimir Putin’s fraudulent, unprovoked invasion has become.

Ukrainian resolve has assumed almost legendary proportions. And, astonishingly, amidst the wanton destruction, Ukrainian hobby companies not only survive, but thrive.

Exhibit A: Dora Wings – and its new 1:48 Curtiss-Wright CW-22B.

Direct scion of Curtiss-Wright’s pioneering CW-19R general-purpose warplane, the comely, curvaceous CW-22B combat trainer sported light weapons for close-support and armed reconnaissance roles with the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Air Force against Japanese invaders early in WWII’s Pacific fighting.

Dora Wings’ impressive kit – the first injection-molded CW-19 variant to 1:48 scale – includes 100 plastic parts, 30 photoetched components, accurate “early-style” canopy with masks, and decals for three subjects:

  • CW-22B “CF-464”, Dutch East Indies Air Force, Java, 1941
  • CW-22B “CF-465”, Dutch East Indies Air Force, Java, 1941
  • CW-22B, ex-Dutch East Indies Air Force, captured by the Imperial Japanese Air Force, 1942

Packaging and parts are superb. And detail is especially outstanding.

But carefully follow the 27-step assembly sequence. I counted, for instance, well over 60 cockpit and engine components. Add another 22 main-gear parts. And amidst all those microscopic minutiae, incautious hobbyists like me might easily miss something.

Nitpicks? Some.

The crystal-clear, one-piece canopy could still obscure some lovely inside details. Rear defensive armament – even in stowed position – would have been nice. And fuselage insignia lack the official Dutch 10 cm-wide triangular black border. Some dispute, however, whether CW-22s and CW-21s actually sported this insigne specification.

Still, what an amazing, all-in-one effort. From packaging and presentation, through moldings and instructions, to details and decals, overall kit quality ranks as totally terrific!

Speaking of Vladimir Putin, one vitally important coda . . .

According to Dora Wings’ website, if you order directly from them, “10% of all orders will be transferred to a fund to support children affected by the war in Ukraine”.

With thanks to Dora Wings for the sample.