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Marcel Bloch MB.152C.1 Kit

Dora Wings 1/72 Marcel Bloch MB.152C.1 Kit First Look

By David L. Veres

Date of Review August 2021 Manufacturer Dora Wings
Subject Marcel Bloch MB.152C.1 Scale 1/72
Kit Number 72028 Primary Media Styrene, Photo-Etch, Resin
Pros Crisp moldings, fine recessed scribing Cons Novices might consider kit complexity daunting
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (GBP) TBA

First Look

Marcel Bloch MB.152C.1 Kit
Marcel Bloch MB.152C.1 Kit
Marcel Bloch MB.152C.1 Kit
Marcel Bloch MB.152C.1 Kit
Marcel Bloch MB.152C.1 Kit
Marcel Bloch MB.152C.1 Kit
Marcel Bloch MB.152C.1 Kit

With sluggish performance and engine cooling problems, French Marcel Bloch MB.152s ultimately proved disappointing interceptors. But powerful canon armament made them useful ground-attack machines against invading Nazi hordes during 1940’s “Battle of France”.

Building on their superb 1:48-scale Bloch series, Dora Wings has introduced 1:72 versions of the rugged Gallic warriors. And subject choices aside, these are no mere pantographs of larger-scale offerings.

The manufacturer’s 72028 Marcel Bloch MB.152C.1 sports five trees of beautifully molded, sensibly engineered gray and clear components. Backing these are photoetch details, canopy masks, and colorful decals for four aircraft:

  • MB.152 No.528, GC I/8, June 1940
  • MB.152 No.236, GC I/8, April 1940
  • MB.152 No.622, GC II/6, June 1940
  • MB.152 No.672, GC II/9, 1942

The first three depict Blitzkrieg-era Blochs. And the last wears colorful “livrée d’esclave” – red and yellow Vichy Armée de l’Air de l’armistice “slave stripes”. All replicate the 1:48 counterpart’s subjects.

Warning, warning, Will Robinson! Muster your steadiest hand – and sharpest scalpel – to remove parts from runners!

Astonishingly delicate moldings – and consistently subtle, indented scribing – characterize kit components. Just relish Dora Wings’ amazing, 31-piece cockpit detail.

Pity the canopy is molded in closed position!

Expect shrewd engineering, too. The one-piece ventral wing, for instance, provides proper dihedral. And it nicely slots into bottom control surfaces on both upper wing halves, helping ensure alignment – and a knife-sharp trailing edge for splendid scale effect.

Contents also include a ten-page booklet with parts maps, 20-step assembly sequence, and color guides. A concluding color table suggests paints from five manufacturers.

The kit apparently depicts the ultimate MB.152 cowling with 0.85m opening. But the box painting portrays the narrower 0.75m aperture. And color & markings profile drawings seemingly show cowls with 1.0m mouths. So check photos of your intended subject.

Cowl confusion aside, Dora Wings’ 1:72 MB.152.C1 stands as a brilliant example of state-of-the-art moldings. I can’t summon enough superlatives to praise this kit. Hard to believe it’s a “short-run” effort!

With thanks to Dora Wings for the sample.