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Su-27 Flanker Ukrainian AF Digital Camo

Hasegawa 1/72 Su-27 Flanker Ukrainian AF Digital Camo Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review October 2015 Manufacturer Hasegawa
Subject Su-27 Flanker Ukrainian AF Digital Camo Scale 1/72
Kit Number 02166 Primary Media Styrene, Photo-Etch
Pros Easy build, unique subject Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (USD) $54.99

First Look

Su-27 Flanker Ukrainian AF Digital Camo Kit
Su-27 Flanker Ukrainian AF Digital Camo Kit
Su-27 Flanker Ukrainian AF Digital Camo Kit
Su-27 Flanker Ukrainian AF Digital Camo Kit

The Sukhoi Design Bureau (OKB) was tasked to develop a long-range interceptor that would be able to contend with strategic threats as well as hold its own against the hottest air-to-air fighter being fielded in the west - the F-15 Eagle. The resulting design bore a similarity to the F-15 from afar, but that is where the similarities end. The Su-27 is more than a match for any contemporary operational fighter, save perhaps the F-22, but its younger brothers, the Su-30 and Su-35 will keep Raptor pilots on their toes.

Hasegawa has reissued their 1/72 Su-27 kit with some very nice decals to render this interesting subject. The kit is molded in light gray styrene and presented on six parts trees plus one tree of clear parts and one fret of photo-etched parts. The kit builds into a nice model of the Su-27 Flanker B. Among the features and options in this kit:

  • Nice cockpit with instrument panel and side console detail provided with decals
  • Basic K36D ejection seat which could use photo-etched pilot restraints
  • Photo-etched HUD frame
  • Positionable canopy
  • Photo-etched intake FOD doors can be positioned open or closed
  • Photo-etched afterburner spray rings
  • Positionable dorsal speed brake

Armament options include:

  • 2 x R-27R (AA-10 Alamo A)
  • 2 x R-27T (AA-10 Alamo B)
  • 2 x R-73 (AA-11 Archer)

Decals are provided to replicate the unique digital camouflage pattern carried by some of the Ukrainian Air Force Su-27. Markings are included for two examples:

  • Su-27, Bort 100, Ukrainian AF
  • Su-27, Bort 101, Ukrainian AF

The kit provides a nice set of four-view painting and decal instructions to get this project looking right. The instructions provide the paint colors using Gunze Sangyo paint equivalents, but since Gunze doesn't produce any of these colors, the instructions provide mixing instructions. You can do that if you wish, but your life might be much easier if you use paints that are pre-mixed for this specific colors and those are available in Akan paint set 47710 available from Linden Hill Imports.

If you'd like to have a unique camouflage scheme for your scale flightline, Hasegawa has made this one easy with these nice decals. Pick one up for your next project!

My sincere thanks to Hasegawa USA for this review sample!