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1/35 KTO Rosomak 'The Green Devil' Kit

IBG 1/35 KTO Rosomak 'The Green Devil' Kit First Look

By Sundiata Cowels

Date of First Look September 2016 Manufacturer IBG
Subject KTO Rosomak 'The Green Devil' Scale 1/35
Kit Number 35032 Primary Media Styrene, Photo-Etch
Pros Unique subject, complete interior, excellent instructions Cons None
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $55.99

First Look

1/35 KTO Rosomak 'The Green Devil' Kit
1/35 KTO Rosomak 'The Green Devil' Kit
1/35 KTO Rosomak 'The Green Devil' Kit
1/35 KTO Rosomak 'The Green Devil' Kit
1/35 KTO Rosomak 'The Green Devil' Kit
1/35 KTO Rosomak 'The Green Devil' Kit

Due to its reliability, armor and firepower, the Polish KTO Rosomak infantry transport has been nicknamed “The Green Devil” by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

This eight wheeled armored infantry fighting vehicle (based on the Finnish Patria AMV vehicle) was produced in 2003 for the Polish Army to fulfill the roles of armored transport, medevac, infantry support and tech support. Over 670 vehicles have been made so far with an additional thirty units being created for the Slovakian Army.

WOW! I’ll say it again. Wow!

IBG’s KTO Rosomak in 1/35 scale is a work of wonder right in the box. This is my first kit from IBG and it definitely won’t be the last.

Four hundred fifty parts are arranged on twenty-six trees (including a separate one for clear parts and counting the tires) and fitted within a box that is four and one quarter inch deep (duplicates not shown). The molding reminds me of Italeri in some respects with a light tan color and fine detail. There are no mold marks, scratches or even flash present. As presentations go, IBG has done a stand up job.

The instruction booklet is a work of art in itself- all of the pictures are computer illustrations so the modeler has a better sense of depth and position of certain parts and how they are suppose to align. Also included is an eight-and-one-half by eleven inch gloss copy of the box art suitable for framing.

One of my biggest gripes about armor models is the lack of an interior for any kit that approaches the $50USD mark. For me, there is simply no excuse. IBG cleared that hurdle with ease (with a complete interior)-and could easily request double the price for the amount of kit that the modeler gets with this purchase.

Highlights include:

  • Complete interior – turret, driver station, engine and infantry quarters
  • Separate on vehicle equipment
  • Photo-etched mesh armor side panels
  • Clear parts for all real life glass items
  • Decals for three different vehicles
  • Frameable artwork
  • Color callouts for Vallejo, AK interactive and Hataka Hobby paints
  • Excellent instruction guide
  • Separate wheels and rims

I sincerely hope that with this release, IBG will move away from its World War 2 catalogue of vehicles and aircraft and start producing more Cold War through modern era items.

As can be seen in the photos, there are many small parts to this kit but with a sharp knife and patience you shouldn’t have a problem putting this together.

I made the unfortunate mistake last year of buying only one Heller VBCI kit when it came out. Don’t follow in my footsteps.

Do yourself a favor and run to your computer and purchase two IBG KTO Rosomak kits from your favorite retailer.