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ICM 1/35 V3000S/SSM (Sd.Kfz.3b) Maultier Kit First Look

By Dave Manter

Date of Review January 2013 Manufacturer ICM
Subject V3000S/SSM (Sd.Kfz.3b) Maultier Scale 1/35
Kit Number 35412 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Great details, full engine Cons None
Skill Level Advanced MSRP (USD) $56.95

First Look


The main vehicle of the German Wehrmacht during World War II was the 3 ton cargo truck. One of the most numerous was the V3000S, which had been produced since 1941 in German Ford plants in Cologne. The truck was equipped with a V8 engine and had rear wheel drive only.

V3000s trucks were widely used in all German arms of service right up until the end of the war. They served in Russia, North Africa, Italy and France. In off road conditions the vehicles not equipped with all-wheel drive slowed down the cross country capabilities of the army, so 13952 of the V3000S were produced as Maultier half-track vehicles.

The ICM kit of the V3000S Maultier consists of 295 parts molded in tan plastic and 6 parts molded in clear plastic. All of the parts are very well molded and no flash is present. Seam lines and knock out marks are minimal. The level of detail that ICM is putting in their kits is very good. Some key features of this kit are:

  • Steerable front wheels
  • Fully detailed engine
  • Accurate frame and drive train
  • Link and length track
  • Open grill work
  • Instruments supplied as decals
  • Hood can be assembled open or closed
  • Doors can be assembled open or closed
  • Fully detailed interior
  • Cargo bed has nice wood details

One other thing that this kit offers, but is not mentioned anywhere, is that all of the parts are included to make the wheeled version as well.

Markings are included for 4 vehicles. They are:

  1. Italy, Summer 1944. Truck in overall Dunklegelb with green camo
  2. Poland, Summer 1944. Truck in overall Dunklegelb with green camo
  3. Germany, Spring 1943. Truck in overall Schwazgru
  4. Germany, Summer 1943. Truck in overall Dunklegelb

The instruction sheet is very well laid out and will be easy to follow.

My sincere thanks to Squadron Mail Order for this review sample!