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Chevrolet Gun Tractor Kit

Italeri 1/35 Chevrolet Gun Tractor Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review April 2014 Manufacturer Italeri
Subject Chevrolet Gun Tractor Scale 1/35
Kit Number 0240 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Reissue of classic kit Cons See text
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $52.00

First Look

Chevrolet Gun Tractor Kit
Chevrolet Gun Tractor Kit
Chevrolet Gun Tractor Kit
Chevrolet Gun Tractor Kit

While tanks, infantry, and artillery are essential weapons in any battle, none of them can either get to the battle nor keep loaded with the critical ammunition, fuel, oils, food and supplies. For the US military in WW2, the essential weapon to keep its fighting forces engaged was the truck.

The Chevrolet gun tractor, or Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) Field Artillery Tractor (FAT), was one of a variety of combat support vehicles built in Canada to British design requirements using North American automotive engineering. In the case of this gun tractor, the vehicle was built on a Chevrolet 4x4 chassis, powered by a Chevrolet six-cylinder engine, and could carry over 2,000 pounds of men, gear, and ammunition. This vehicle was usually the prime mover for the British 25 pounder Howitzer or 17 pounder anti-tank gun.

This kit has been reissued by Italeri as part of the D-Day 70th Anniversary and renders their classic gun tractor kit. This kit is molded in olive green styrene and presented on five parts trees plus the body shell and one small tree of clear parts. The surface detailing is still nicely done.

The kit features a nicely detailed chassis, suspension, and drivetrain. The underside of the engine block is molded to the chassis as there is no access into the area under the hood or behind the crew compartment. The interior is also nicely done with seating for the driver and five gun crewmen. All four crew cabin access doors are positionable as are the front overhead hatch and the soft-top over rear section of the rear cabin.

Markings are included for three examples:

  • 1st Canadian Infantry Division, Italy, 1943
  • 3rd British Infantry Division, Normandy, 1944
  • 6th South African Armoured Division, Italy, 1945

This kit is the only Chevrolet gun tractor kit I'm aware of in 1/35 scale and is a good companion to the Tamiya Ford gun tractor also in this scale. This kit will make a nice model or serve as the basis of a great diorama or vignette.

Thanks to MRC for the review sample.