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M4 Sherman Kit

Italeri 1/56 M4 Sherman Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review May 2016 Manufacturer Italeri
Subject M4 Sherman Scale 1/56
Kit Number 56503 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Nice details, easy build Cons See text
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $31.99

First Look

M4 Sherman Kit

Italeri has released a new series and a new scale for kits in the World of Tanks series. That isn't a typo, the series is produced in 1/56 scale. Why they're not using 1/48 or 1/35 to synergize on their existing product line is only the first question I have. What they're doing is innovative though - create a kit that is super-easy to build taken right out of the game and draw out a new group of modelers. This technique is working for Warhammer gamers-turned-modelers.

This kit is molded in olive green styrene and presented on two parts trees. The molded track halves and the hull sides with the suspension and road wheels molded in place make this model more buildable for the novice than the current trend in armor kits with multi-piece track links and individual track pins that cause me to lose my will to live.

On the other hand, whoever developed the kit and developed the color profiles were not on the same page. In fact, whoever did the color profiles should have their artistic license revoked. The kit represents an M4 with welded hull and 75mm main gun circa 1943 production complete with supplemental armor plate in front over the 'shot traps' of the driver and gunner. The turret is also early with only the tank commander's split hatch. The color profiles depict this kit to be a cast hulled Sherman with a turret from an Easy Eight but no muzzle brake on the gun (Frankentank). The box art seems to depict the turret in this kit sitting on a cast hull (not in ths kit). You get the idea.

If you are a gamer, this kit also includes a bunch of perks including invite codes and bonus points in the game. This series also includes 1/56 scale kits of the Cromwell, Panther, and Tiger tanks.

Despite the inconsistencies between the box art, color profiles, and the plastic in the box, this is a nice-looking kit. I just wish it were in a common scale with the rest of the modeling world. In any case, this kit will make a great starter kit for that young modeler or perhaps an older modeler coming back into the hobby.

My sincere thanks to Hobbico for this review sample!