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Funkwagen Kit

Italeri 1/35 Kfz.15 Funkwagen Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review January 2016 Manufacturer Italeri
Subject Kfz.15 Funkwagen Scale 1/35
Kit Number 6526 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Nicely detailed kit Cons Nothing under the hood
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $31.99

First Look

Funkwagen Kit
Funkwagen Kit

The Kfz.15 Funkkraftwagen was designed as a highly mobile command and control vehicle to support the early strategies of the German Army revolving around the 'Blitzkrieg' concept. If armored forces were to move across the battlefield at high speeds (relatively speaking), then commanders needed to keep up with their forces and communications was essential. The Kfz.15 Funkkraftwagen was a four-wheel drive vehicle powered by a 80 horsepower V8 engine. It featured a pair of spare wheels mounted on free-wheeling axles that helped to keep the Funkwagen from getting hung up on obstacles.

Approximately 12,000 of these vehicles were produced between 1937 and 1943. While these vehicles carried communications gear and served as a high-speed shuttle between forward and rear units, commanders also kept one for their own mobility around the battlefield. The Funkwagen was used on all fronts from Russia to North Africa and required little or no adaptation to operate in those significantly different environments.

It is nice to see the Italeri 1/35 Horch back on the market. This re-issue from Italeri is still looking quite nice and is molded in light gray styrene. The kit is presented on two parts trees plus a third tree containing the clear windows. A set of six rubber tires completes the kit.

Assembly starts with the detailed car body and interior. Pedals and shift levers are all provided to control the powertrain. The front and rear doors are molded separately providing an opportunity for the more advanced modeler to pose the vehicle with figures.

The exterior detailing around the car body is just as nice as the interior. The only complaint I have is the lack of an engine to see should you want to pose one of the hood panels open.

On the other hand, the transmission, front and rear differentials, front and rear gearboxes, exhaust system, suspension, and other details are all present under the chassis. You might consider posing this kit on a mirror to show off that detail!

The kit comes with several options. You can have the vehicle with its top up or down, with the side windows installed or not, and with exposed or covered spare tires.

Markings are included for two examples:

  • 21 Panzer Division, North Africa, 1942
  • Regimental Staff, Panzer Regiment Hermann Goering, Italy, 1943

This kit was very much at home on the battlefield as was the Kubelwagen. It will look great built by itself or as part of a diorama or vignette.

My sincere thanks to Hobbico for this review sample!