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Stormtrooper Build Pack

Kotobukiya 1/10 Stormtrooper Build Pack Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review March 2011 Manufacturer Kotobukiya
Subject Stormtrooper Build Pack Scale 1/10
Kit Number SW-62 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Beautiful detailing, lots of part-swap options Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (Yen) ¥6,750 (About $82.50 USD)

First Look


I spotted an interesting kit release from Kotobukiya for a Star Wars Stormtrooper. The photos on the website were quite impressive and I thought this would be worth a closer look. I was pleasantly surprised when the kit arrived that this 'Build Pack' consists of two figures, and the only building required was to figure out what combination of arms, legs, and weapons you want to use.

Like many of the anime figure sets produced by Kotobukia of Japan, these figures are highly detailed and pre-finished out of the box. The set comes well-packaged with each part in its own small bag, then all vacuformed into a two-part protective carrier.

The set comes with:

  • 2 x torsos w/movable heads
  • 4 x sets of legs in different poses
  • 6 x sets of arms in different poses
  • 1 x heavy laser rifle
  • 2 x small laser rifles
  • 2 x magnetic display bases

Magnetic? Yes, the two black plastic display bases have magnetic plates inside them, and in each of the eight feet are corresponding magnets which allow the figure to be easily placed and removed as desired.


At 1/10 scale, each figure is about seven inches tall (not counting the base).

The shoulder and hip joints are molded in a rubber or vinyl with each joint keyed so they can only go into the intented place in the intended position. In other words, you can't move the legs or arms, they are designed into specific poses and you can't put the left leg into the right hip socket (or a shoulder for that matter). What you can do is select the right combination of legs and arms to create the action pose that interests you, then change the parts at any time to alter the pose.

With two complete figures in the box, you can create an easy vignette as these images show. The most of the right arms do not have the hand molded in place as the left arm does. Instead the right hand is molded to the weapon and you simply change hands to change weapons.


While this isn't your usual model kit, this isn't your usual action figure either. These two figures are very nicely engineered to be beautiful conversation pieces on your shelf or desk, and the selection of limbs and weapons options provide you with some variety in your display. Each arm and leg is friction-locked into place and do not come out without some careful manipulation, but the possibilities are limited by the combination of parts in this box. Very nice indeed!

My sincere thanks to HobbyLink Japan for this review sample!