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L1500S German Cargo Truck

MiniArt 1/35 L1500S German Cargo Truck Kit First Look

By Dave Manter

Date of Review March 2013 Manufacturer MiniArt
Subject L1500S German Cargo Truck Scale 1/35
Kit Number 35142 Primary Media Styrene, Photo-Etch
Pros New Subject, wonderful details Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Advanced MSRP (USD) $44.99

First Look

L1500S German Cargo Truck Kit
L1500S German Cargo Truck Kit
L1500S German Cargo Truck Kit
L1500S German Cargo Truck Kit

The L1500S 4X2 1.5 ton trucks were developed by Mercedes Benz Company in 1941. The L1500s trucks saw wide spread service during World War 2 along with the 4X4 variant Sd.Kfz.70.

Numerous bodies were used on the L1500 chassis such as fire trucks, radio trucks and ambulances. More often than not, the radio trucks and ambulances used the 4X2 chassis.

The L1500S trucks were produced from June of 1941 till July 1944, with production of 4100 trucks in total.

The MiniArt kit of the L1500S truck consists of 404 parts molded in grey styrene, 8 parts molded in clear styrene and 52 photo etch detail parts. Decals are provided for two vehicles. They are:

  • 197th Infantry division, 229 engineer combat battalion, Eastern Front, Summer, 1942. Vehicle in overall grey
  • DAK 15 Panzer Division, Supply Company, Tobruk area, 1942. Vehicle in overall tan

All of the parts are very well molded and feature really nice details. The wood grain in the cargo bed is very well done and should look great under paint.

Construction begins with the highly detailed full engine. The chassis is made up of individual pieces that will make construction a little more time consuming, but will offer better detail. The front wheels can be assembled turned if you so desire. One nice feature of this kit is that the main tires are cast in styrene. The cab is also highly detailed both inside and out. The fire wall is also fully detailed. Both the doors and the hood can be assembled either opened or closed.

Construction looks to be pretty straight forward and should go pretty quick. MiniArt is to be commended for offering such highly detailed kits of new subjects.

Key Features:

  • Fully detailed engine
  • Positional front wheels
  • Doors can be built open or closed
  • Hood can be built open or closed
  • Detailed drive train
  • Full load of accessories is included

Definitely recommended.

Thanks to MRC for the review sample.