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Cessna 150

Minicraft 1/48 Cessna 150 Kit First Look

by Dave Manter

Date of Review October 2013 Manufacturer Minicraft
Subject Cessna 150 Scale 1/48
Kit Number 11675 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Very colorful marking options Cons None
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (USD) $24.98

First Look

Cessna 150
Cessna 150
Cessna 150

The Minicraft kit consists of just 46 styrene parts molded in white and 7 styrene parts molded in clear. The detail is very, very good and the kit features recessed panel lines and some of the best rivet detail that I have seen. There is a fair amount of flash present but it is thin and will not present any problems during cleanup.

The kit features markings for 4 different aircraft. One each from the United States, Canada, Germany and Great Britain. The markings are printed by Cartograph and are perfect.

The kit features a full interior and a full engine that can be viewed after construction thanks to the removable cowl. The kit also allows you to build the aircraft in flight on a display stand.

Overall, it looks to be a very nice kit of the Cessna 150 and with the low parts count; it will be a fairly quick build.

My sincere thanks to Minicraft Models for this review sample!