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T-20 Komsomoletz Russian Artillery Tractor – Early

Mirror Models Ltd. 1/35 T-20 Komsomoletz Russian Artillery Tractor – Early Kit First Look

By Dave Manter

Date of Review June 2013 Manufacturer Mirror Models Ltd.
Subject T-20 Komsomoletz Russian Artillery Tractor – Early Scale 1/35
Kit Number 35200 Primary Media Styrene
Pros 100% new tooling, new subject, insane details! Cons None
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (USD) $49.95

First Look

T-20 Komsomoletz
T-20 Komsomoletz
T-20 Komsomoletz
T-20 Komsomoletz
T-20 Komsomoletz
T-20 Komsomoletz

At the end of 1936, the factory No. 37 Ordzhonikidze in Moscow created the full-speed armored tracked tractor "Komsomoletz" T-20. The car had a riveted-welded body, armor plates with thickness of 7-10mm, guarding the crew. In addition, the commander operated a defensive machine gun in a ball mount. The tractor was powered by a GAZ-M engine with a 4-speed gearbox with interlock, complemented by a three-axle range-GAZ-AAA, which doubled the number of stages in the transmission and allowed it to have 2 ranges for traction and transport.

Komsomoletz played a huge role in the motorization of the Red Army. Tractor T-20 took part in the fighting against Japan at Lake Khasan in 1938, the river Halkin-Gol in 1939, in the Russo-Finnish War and the Great Patriotic War. A large number of tractors were captured by German troops in good condition. In the Wehrmacht they were under the designation Leicht Gepanzerter Artillerieschlepper 630. In the Finnish army, captured T-20s operated until 1961.

The Mirror Models kit of the Russian T-20 Komsomoletz Tractor consists of 450 beautifully molded styrene parts molded in grey. All of the parts are molded to a very high standard and flash is minimal. The instructions are very well written and should be easy to follow. Markings are provided for 3 vehicles (Russian, German and Finnish). They are well printed and in perfect registration.

Some key features of this kit are:

  • Full engine
  • Full interior
  • Engine covers can be built open or closed
  • Bench seats can be rotated into any position
  • Can be built as a Model 1937 or as a model 1938 Early
  • All visors can be built open or closed
  • Hatches can be built open or closed
  • 2 options for main headlights
  • Super detailed suspension
  • Individual track links

This kit is packaged as a "Special Edition" kit and included Mirror Models kit of the single axle Russian fuel Trailer (kit #35204) as well. The trailer can be built in either the standing position or in the traveling position.

This is the first Mirror Models kit that I have looked at and I must say it is very, very impressive! It is definitely for the advanced modeler due to the number and size of the parts. The detail is superb and the fact that it has a full interior plus it includes the fuel trailer kit as well make this a must have for anyone interested in Russian armor or for anyone interest in early World War II vehicles. 450 parts in such a small vehicle………………WOW!

My sincere thanks to Stevens International for this review sample!