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1955 Chrysler 300

Moebius Models 1/25 1955 Chrysler 300 Kit First Look

By Jeff Conrad, Front Range Auto Modelers (FRAM)

Date of Review June 2012 Manufacturer Moebius Models
Subject 1955 Chrysler 300 Scale 1/25
Kit Number 1201 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Nice kit Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $28.95

First Look

1955 Chrysler 300
1955 Chrysler 300
1955 Chrysler 300
1955 Chrysler 300
1955 Chrysler 300

The mid-fifties witnessed Detroit's big three going in different directions. GM was focused on the younger crowd by introducing their lightweight V8 and put it into its Corvette and optioned for their newly restyled BelAir while Ford focused on the Thunderbird - its personal luxury car. In the years leading up to 1955 no automaker was considered more sedate and dull than Chrysler, but that all changed when they introduced the 300 series. They started with the 331cid "Hemi" V8 (from the New Yorker) and then Chrysler engineers added a number of performance parts, boosting horsepower to an even 300, giving the model its name. 

The performance add-ons were enough to claim the ultimate bragging right for the 300 -- the world's most powerful car for 1955.  Inside the cabin drivers found a luxuriously equipped interior, and driving the 300 was a unique experience as well - when most manufacturers were boasting of their soft rides, the 300 chassis was tuned and stiffened to deliver excellent handling and road-holding, made possible by fitting the 300 with special Goodyear Super Cushion six-ply tires, heavy-duty shocks and leaf springs, a front stabilizer bar and a 150-mph speedometer.

  • Scale:  1/25
  • Skill Level:  3
  • Assembly:   Glue
  • Paint: Required
  • Molded in:  Light gray styrene
  • Decals: Water slide

This is a highly anticipated release from Moebius, one of the “new kids” on the model maker block.  The first thing I noticed is the box art – a fantastic period-style illustration of the car by Frederick Barr.  Inside the box you are greeted with a lot of parts - over 125 - primarily molded in light gray, clear and red with 4 nicely detailed vinyl tires, complete with tampo printed while walls.  As is often the case with high parts count car models, it was difficult to get everything back in the box without crushing anything.  Two sprues of chrome plated parts are included as well, with the highlight being the beautifully rendered wire wheels, a factory option to the stock wheel covers (also included.)

The 12 piece platform style interior is well rendered and shows no flash or warping.  Engraving is good and shows nice texture in the appropriate places (seat upholstery, carpet, etc.) and the few ejector pin marks are all on the back side of parts where they will be hidden.  The door handle and window crank detail is well done and should really pop with some foil and detail painting.

Twenty one pieces make up the chassis, with 10 parts for the front suspension and 8 for the leaf sprung rear.  The frame is molded with large channels on the top of the frame rails (probably a concession to injection molding limitations) but this isn’t an issue as all the channels will be hidden once final assembly is complete – a great job of planning by the Moebius crew.

The 331 c.i. hemi engine consists of 28 parts and shows very nice molding and detail.  The heads are especially interesting as the rocker arm detail is represented, giving the modeler a chance to show off extra engine detail.

The body is nicely done with only minor mold seams to clean up near the “A” pillars, sail panels and around the trunk area.  10 pieces make up the grill and head lights, while 4 pieces make up the rear lights and bumper.  Test fitting the hood to the body showed that the back of the hood on the driver side didn’t fit completely, so a little sanding will be needed there.  It’s important to note that this kit has been created to tight tolerances, so take care when test fitting parts, especially after painting, as they may not come apart again without breaking.

The small decal sheet consists of four license plates, gauge faces, body scripts and factory warning and information stickers.

The real treats of this kit though are found at the bottom of the box – the instruction sheet and the beautiful reproduction of a Chrysler 300 sales brochure.  The full color 7 step, 6 page instructions are well organized, easy to follow and identify each part by number and name. A full page is dedicated to factory paint colors, the corresponding Testors paint and recipes to recreate the colors when one isn’t available premixed. 

This is wonderful kit of an important car in automotive history, and we are truly fortunate to have it available now.  The 300 is nicely molded and has plenty of detail to keep any modeler happy. 

Highly recommended!

My sincere thanks to Moebius Models for this review sample!