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53 Foot Trailer

Moebius Models 1/25 53 Foot Trailer Kit First Look

By Dave Manter

Date of Review March 2013 Manufacturer Moebius Models
Subject 53 Foot Trailer Scale 1/25
Kit Number 1302 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Great decals, nice details, option of refer Cons None
Skill Level Moderate Experience MSRP (USD) $59.95

First Look

53 Foot Trailer
53 Foot Trailer
53 Foot Trailer
53 Foot Trailer
53 Foot Trailer
53 Foot Trailer

The Moebius Models 53 Foot Trailer with Reefer Option consists of 113 styrene parts and 8 rubber tires. All of the parts are well molded and while some flash is present, cleanup will be quick and easy. The chrome plating on the parts is smooth and looks really good. Decals are provided for two different trailers. They are:

BrandsMart USA. The decals run down the entire length of the trailer. The decals are provided in sections for easier application.

Erb. Smaller logo, but does have stripes that run the length of the trailer.

The side reflector strip is also provided in sections to make it easier to apply. All of the various graphics and lettering are provided in the kit.

The instruction sheet is very well laid out and will be easy to follow. The kit is HUGE! It measures 26.5 inches long by 6.5 inches high when finished. The only problem that I can see is that do to the size of the kit, it will take some time to get the main trailer parts glued up and square. As well as the kit is engineered, this should not be a problem at all, just time consuming.

Some key features of the kit:

  • Highly accurate undercarriage
  • Angle braced landing gear
  • Tandem axle configuration
  • Corrugated side panels
  • Chrome wheels
  • Chrome end panels

Details are great, the decals are very well printed and the option of building as a regular trailer or a refer trailer make this one a must have for anyone building Semi models.

My sincere thanks to Moebius Models for this review sample!