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Space: 1999 Eagle 1 Transporter

MPC 1/72 Space: 1999 Eagle 1 Transporter Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review December 2013 Manufacturer MPC/Round 2
Subject Space: 1999 Eagle 1 Transporter Scale 1/72
Kit Number 0791 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Another rare kit back on the shelf with new decal sheet Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $28.99

First Look

Space: 1999 Eagle 1 Transporter
Space: 1999 Eagle 1 Transporter
Space: 1999 Eagle 1 Transporter

Round 2 Models continues to reissue a nice array of kits that haven't seen the light of day in decades. Here is the reissue of the Space:1999 Eagle 1 Transporter kit which now features a new and improved set of decals and a commemorative box for actor Nick Tate who was a frequent pilot of the Eagles. I was attending my first major Star Trek convention in Washington DC in the early 1970s when a pair of British gentlemen came on stage and introduced a new science fiction concept that required a leap of faith up-front but promised some great viewing afterwards.

According to these producers, the story is based upon a nuclear waste storage dump housed on the moon and managed by Moonbase Alpha. When an accident triggers a massive nuclear detonation, the resulting force pushes the moon out of orbit to become a wandering body while its inhabitants struggle to survive. Developed by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, who also created the animatronics-based Thunderbirds, UFO, and many other classics, Space:1999 was one of their first live-action series. The producers asked for a leap of faith knowing that such a massive detonation would have likely obliterated the moon (and the Earth).

The Eagle was one of the lunar utility vehicles which moved personnel and materials around the lunar surface and had fuel and power to reach lunar orbit and beyond. This iconic vehicle has been a favorite of science fiction modelers for decades.

Molded in white styrene, this kit is presented on seven parts trees plus several separate parts. The kit is comprised of several modules:

  • 1 x cockpit module (no windows but that can be fixed)
  • 4 x maneuvering modules with landing feet
  • 2 x lift modules with two lift motors each
  • 1 x propulsion module with four high-thrust motors
  • 1 x main truss to interconnect all modules
  • 1 x optional pressurized personnel transport module

The model can be build rather quickly straight out of the box, or can be enhanced with some scratchbuilding. The personnel transport module can be put aside as the Eagle can carry externally slung cargo just like the CH-54 Skycrane. Lots of options here.

This release has a nice new decal sheet of stencils and markings which will enhance the look of the finished model.

I've build a few of these kits over the years before they gained collectable status and I look forward to building a few more soon. This will be a fun kit to modelers of all ages to play with.

For a look at this kit build-up, look here.

My sincere thanks to Round2 Models for this review sample