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Space: 1999 The Alien

MPC 1/25 Space: 1999 The Alien Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review March 2014 Manufacturer MPC/Round 2
Subject Space: 1999 The Alien Scale 1/25
Kit Number 0795 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Another good kit back on the shelf Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $25.99

First Look

Space: 1999 The Alien
Space: 1999 The Alien
Space: 1999 The Alien

Round 2 Models continues to reissue a nice array of kits that haven't been available for a while. Here is the reissue of the Space:1999 The Alien kit which is in a commemorative box for actor Catherine Schell. Catherine Schell played the alien 'Maya' who joined the Moonbase Alpha team and caused many of us viewers to really appreciate alien lifeforms.

When MPC/Fundimensions was producing kits from the Space 1999 franchise, someone decided what the kit line needed was a custom buggy even though no such vehicle appeared in the series. What the kit makers decided to do was rework a custom car design by master George Barris called 'Moonscope' (and also produced by MPC) into a tricked-up Moonbase Alpha custom ride, complete with an alien figure that also didn't appear in the series.

The kit is molded in white styrene and presented on six parts trees plus two alien halves, one tree of chromed parts, one clear enclosure, and a set of beer barrel tires molded in black. MPC also provided a vacuformed surface of the moon display base for your completed ride. Assembly of this kit is very simple and can provide some interesting project potential.

As a vehicle in the Space 1999 series, perhaps not, but this would have been the ideal ride for the last Apollo astronauts to the moon if they could have figured out how to fit this into that storage recess on the side of the LEM descent module. This will be a fun kit to modelers of all ages to play with.

My sincere thanks to Round2 Models for this review sample