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C-1 Kit

North Wing Model Craft 1/72 Kawasaki C-1 JASDF Kit First Look

By Fotios Rouch

Date of Review March 2008 Manufacturer North Wing Model Craft
Subject Kawasaki C-1 JASDF Scale 1/72
Kit Number 72003 Primary Media Resin
Pros Interesting subject, nice details Cons Clear parts
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (Yen) ¥21000

First Look

C-1 Kit
C-1 Kit
C-1 Kit
C-1 Kit
C-1 Kit
C-1 Kit
C-1 Kit

In the early 60's the JASDF started feeling the need for a replacement for the aging C-46 Commando. The US was already flying the C-130 at that time and Japan elected to replace the C-46 with a domestic design for a medium size troop and freight transport. Dictated Japanese policies at that time would have the proposed aircraft have no offensive capabilities and an operational range that would keep the aircraft inside Japanese air space.

The contract for C-X specification was given to NAMC in 1966 that had already started producing its YS-11 airliner four years prior. The first Kawasaki assembled prototype first flew in 12 November 1970 and the first production C-1A first flew in December of 1974. The project was a collaborative effort between Mitsubishi for the center, aft fuselage and tail surfaces, Fuji for the outer wings, Nihon for the control surfaces and engine pods and with Kawasaki responsible for the forward fuselage, center wing section, final assembly and testing.

The imposed short range and 12 ton payload were the reason for the termination of production in the 1980's and the subsequent introduction of the C-130 later.

North Wing Model Craft is news to me. I was looking for a different subject on the web and I came across this company and their other two products (AD-4W and Kawasaki Neptune conversions). I promptly ordered all three kits to see what they were all about.

The C-1 is a complete 72nd scale resin kit including decals. Parts are provided The box is not as big as you might expect but that is because the fuselage is broken up in four parts. All the parts were carefully packed in individual bags and everything arrived from Japan with no damages whatsoever.

NWC uses a light odor white resin that seems to be pretty good with picking up detail and their casting was bubble free in my samples. I like the fact that the wings and landing gear were cast with metal inserts to aid with longevity and assembly.

The instructions are well done and follow a logical progression mush like a plastic kit.

All the parts will require cleanup and removal of the resin pouring stubs.

The scribing detail is good for a 72nd scale but it could have been a bit better as it appears that in some areas it looks like it was done free handed.

The vortex generators on the top of the wings look great and in my sample they were perfectly cast.

The clear parts will need some work. The kit provides the canopy transparencies in a clear flat piece of acetate and also provides templates and masks as well as instructions on how to cut the parts.

Nice color camouflage instructions are provided depicting 3 side views.

The decals are ink-jet printed for the color part and water slide for the white backing. Ink-jets can print decals that look nice on paper but they are thin and do not cover very well. By providing the white background the decals should look very acceptable in the end.

Included in the decal sheet are decals for the following aircraft:

  • 401st Sqn/1st Tactical Airlift Group
  • 402nd Sqn/2nd Tactical Airlift Group (early)
  • 402nd Sqn/2nd Tactical Airlift Group (present)
  • 403rd Sqn/3rd Tactical Airlift Group (original)
  • 403rd Sqn/3rd Tactical Airlift Group (later)
  • 403rd Sqn/3rd Tactical Airlift Group (present)
  • Air Development and Test Wing (early look)
  • Air Development and Test Wing (present look)

This kit recommended to modelers with some experience with resin kits.

It will surely make a nice addition for the "heavies" collectors.