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Revell 1/25 ‘64 Chevy Impala SS Lowrider Kit First Look

By Jeff Conrad

Date of Review December 2005 Manufacturer Revell
Subject ‘64 Chevy Impala SS Lowrider Scale 1/25
Kit Number 2885 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Good detail, excellent engraving, high parts count Cons Some mold lines, missing side trunk detail
Skill Level Basic MSRP (USD) $15.25

First Look


First released in 2000, Revell has joined forces with Lowrider Magazine™ in 2005 for this reissue of the popular 1964 Impala. Chevys have always been a popular subject with the lowrider crowd, and the 1964 Impala is often considered the most popular platform for these customizers to ply their art. The kit contains over 150 parts, including 36 chrome, 16 clear and red, 8 vinyl tires, and 1 very nice decal sheet. This is a 2-n-1 kit offering the builder the choice of a lowrider custom or factory stock replica.

Engine - The 23 piece assembly represents the 327 small block V8 from Chevy, a subject not often seen by model manufacturers. Typical engine block/transmission halves are molded here (automatic transmission also!) with excellent engraving and texture. Separate parts here include heads, valve covers, intake & exhaust manifolds, as well as starter, fuel pump, distributor and coil (a nice touch.) These are all nicely molded pieces with fine engraving, coming very close to the quality previously only seen in high dollar Japanese kits. With some careful detail painting, wiring and plumbing this engine could be a show stopper.

Chassis - Revell has done a great job of capturing the look and detail of Chevy’s X-frame chassis of the early 60s. Separately cast from the floor board, 21 pieces make up the frame, front and rear suspension assemblies. Included are separate upper and lower A-arms and spindles as well as a nicely molded swing arm and rear axle assembly. Options here include 2 different sets of spindles in front to raise or lower the car as well as raised and lowered sets of rear springs, both as part of the low rider version. The completed chassis attaches to the floor pan, which also serves as the floor of the interior. A cleanly molded 2 piece exhaust system finishes off this assembly.

Wheels and Tires – Stock version gives you a no name 15” tire with SS style wheel covers, while the lowrider version includes beautiful spoked wheels, separate knockoff hubs and low profile low rider style tires (also 15”). Decals are included to create narrow white walls for both versions. One nit here – there is no brake drum detail on the wheel backs (either version.) Research and styrene bits will solve this issue.

Interior - 18 pieces make up the interior, which builds up on the floor pan in typical platform style now the norm for recent kit releases. Once again Revell has outdone itself on the details – very nice castings with fantastic engraving, especially on the side panels. Flocking, paint & bare metal foil here will create an outstanding replica. The 3 piece dashboard includes a chrome insert, speedometer decal and a clear lens piece (nice touch) to create a very realistic view. The one option here is a chain link steering wheel for the low rider version.

Body - Fantastic! Revell has really captured the look of the 64 Impala with this kit! In all 14 pieces make up the body, including an opening trunk. Not often do we get to detail a trunk on a car kit, but here we get the floor and 4 option parts for the lowrider version, including hydraulic pumps, batteries and a simplified stereo amp. One nit here is the lack of detail (and parts) for the trunk sides. Some thin styrene and paint is called for here. The body is flash free and requires very little clean up prior to paint. The scripts are very lightly engraved, so paint build up may become an issue. Separate radiator, core support and driver side mirror round out this assembly.

Decals – The decal sheet is absolutely beautiful, and really sets the tone for the lowrider version. Included are stripes and a mural style decal that runs the length of the car at the beltline. Replica stock builders will be pleased since decals are included for the body trim, various engine bay decals, as well as a trunk decal representing the jacking instructions.

Clean molding, crisp engraving, awesome details and a great subject make this a great kit to have. The instructions are well laid out and identify each part by name. Painting suggestions are called out for both the custom and stock version, and all building options are clearly identified and explained. Although it is marketed as a low rider, this kit can be the basis for many projects – replica stock, drag, stock car, mild to wild custom, etc. Clean molding, crisp engraving, awesome details and a great subject make this a great kit to have. My thanks to Revell-Monogram for supplying this review sample. Highly recommended.

My sincere thanks to Revell for supplying this review sample!

Ed Note: Jeff is a member of Front Range Auto Modelers.