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Revell 1/24 '40 Ford Custom Pickup Truck Kit First Look

By Phil Cooley, Front Range Auto Modelers (FRAM)

Date of Review January 2012 Manufacturer Revell
Subject '40 Ford Custom Pickup Truck Scale 1/24
Kit Number 4928 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Great Decals; only game in town for a 40 Ford Pickup Cons Dated wheels, no red lenses for tail lights
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (USD) $23.95

First Look


Ford Motor Company was on top of the world in the 20s ad 30s.  Arguably, no one else came close in providing a tough, dependable, and affordable car for the common man.  Powered by 4 cylinder engines up until 1932, Ford shocked he world by offering a Flathead V8 in 1932, while most of the other low cost brands were making due with an inline 6.  Along with the new V8 came a larger, sleeker body, which was, itself, replaced in 1937.  And although that bodystyle was facelifted every year, it stuck around in it's basic format through 1940.

As you can guess, the object of this in-the-box review is Revell's 1/24th scale 1940 Ford pickup.    Although it's branded as a Revell kit, the tooling originated with Monogram, as evidenced by it's  1/24th scale.  Hence, I'll be referring to it as a RM kit.  It has been around a while, yet is a welcome re-release, as there is no other version of it on the market.

Engine:  The kit has the a simplified version of the aforementioned Flathead V8, but represents Mercury's version, which was a little larger and had more horsepower.  It has 9 pieces and represents a hot-rodded version.  Most of the engine is chromed, except for the engine block with its integrated exhaust manifolds and starter.  This particular engine has three carburetors—somehow I don't think that was on Henry's mind when he decided the V8 was his new engine of choice.

Rolling stock:  The wheels and tires are big and littles, with no-name sidewalls and wheels that are relics of the 1980s.    It is my hope that as RM's fortunes improve that they will retool the wheels of this kit and include some classic 5 spokes and perhaps a set of stock wheels, as well.

Chassis/suspension:  The pickup's chassis is simpified in that it has a molded in exhaust.  Yet it has separate front and rear axles, along with a tie rod and radius rods in the front.  The fuel tank is separate, as well  and it includes a 4-piece radiator with the top and coolant hoses chromed.

Interior:  The interior cannot be built stock.  It has a stock steering wheel and column and both a stock and custom dashboard.  The rest is of the interior is custom including the diamond tufted seat and door panels.  One very nice touch in a kit this old is the molded-in headliner.  I wish more manufacturers included that little detail in their kits.

Body:  In my opinion, this is where this kit shines.  It has a 8-piece bed (including the fenders and side boards), a 3- piece cab (including doors that open), and an opening hood, complete with custom louvers.  The front  fenders require some sanding around the headlight opening, other than that the body is pretty clean.  The grill is a wide, chrome one.  In researching online, I noticed there are are least two different 40 Ford Pickup grilles.  I'm not an authority on 40 Fords, but I believe this grille is correct for the Deluxe version of the truck.  The kit also features a separate windshield wiper and door handles, in chrome.  Finally, there is a front bumper with override bars.  A rear bumper is not included.  Although I haven't built this kit, yet, a friend who has told me it's hard to get the doors to fit/operate correctly.  If that proves true, I will just glue mine shut. 

Glass:  The glass in this kit is molded separately and includes the windshield, door, and backglass.  It also has lenses for the headlights.  There are no lenses for the taillights.

Decal sheet:   RM tooled up a new decal sheet for this release.  It includes flames for the front and rear fenders, wood grained decals for the bed and sideboards, gauge decals, plus a black and white Ford script and V8 emblems.  There are also decals for some wide whitewalls, as well as several options for license plates.

My overall assessment is this is going to be a fun kit to build.  I've already started it and envision it with a set of diamond-dust black fenders along with a purple pearl body and bed.  I'll probably use the woodgrain decals for the bed, I'm not sure if I'm going to use the sideboards.  Before I forget, there is a bonus on the chrome tree—a set of mechanic's tools, including several open end wrenches, a pair of pliers, a screwdriver and a 4 way! 

Thanks to Revell for this review sample.