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Me 609 Zerstörer Kit

RS Models 1/72 Me 609 Zerstörer Kit First Look

By David L. Veres

Date of Review July 2017 Manufacturer RS Models
Subject Me 609 Zerstörer Scale 1/72
Kit Number 92197 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Crisp moldings, delicate/uniform scribing, clear canopy Cons See text
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (Euro) 25.00€

First Look

Me 609 Zerstörer Kit
Me 609 Zerstörer Kit
Me 609 Zerstörer Kit
Me 609 Zerstörer Kit

RS Models continues its Me 309 range with a 1/72 Messerschmitt Me 609 "Zerstörer" ("Destroyer") variant.

Offered in response to the Luftwaffe's 1941 requirement for a Bf 110 replacement, the proposal mated two Me 309 V4 fuselages and outer wing panels to a new wing center section and continuous horizontal stabilizer.

Imagine a single-seat, Teutonic North American P-82 Twin Mustang.

Well, sort of. Messerschmitt faired-over the starboard fuselage cockpit. And the pilot sat in the port fuselage.

Since the original Me 309 configuration sported a tricycle undercarriage, the concept also featured an unusual four-strut landing gear design. Nose wheels retracted into the fuselage section. And the new lower wing between fuselages sported a rather narrow-track main-gear arrangement.

RS's Me 609 Zerstörer includes key V4 plastic parts on two each of two trees, joined by 45 new Me 609 components on a fifth tree and canopy on a sixth:

  • 2x V4 fuselages
  • 2x V4 top wing panels & nose gear wells (sans lower wings)
  • new Me 609 components
  • V4 canopy

Again, quality of components appears excellent. And I could detect only the barest hints of flash. Parts feature:

  • fine, uniformly recessed scribing
  • detailed interior with instrument panel, gunsight, joystick, seat, floor and sidewall scribing
  • crystal-clear canopy with raised framing
  • alternate underwing stores – drop tanks and bomb

Since RS provides two sets of V4 fuselage halves, some surgery is required to cover the starboard cockpit opening with Part 63.

RS's clear, six-panel instructions sport a parts map, assembly sequence, components modifications, and painting details. Decals depict three fictional schemes:

  • Me 609 Zerstörer, ZG 1, 1944
  • Me 609 Schwere Jäger, 9./JG 3, 1944
  • Me 609 Nacht-Jagdbomber, 1944

The box top color guide illustrates all three subjects. And paint callouts reference Gunze colors.

"What If" Luftwaffe enthusiasts will enjoy this one. Even with minor starboard fuselage surgery, RS's crisp components and commonsense engineering should spring no surprises on experienced modelers. It's impressively complete – and intriguingly funky – out-of-the-box.

With thanks to RS Models for this review sample.