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Trumpeter 1/35 SA-2/HQ-2 Missile on Transport Trailer Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review November 2003 Manufacturer Trumpeter
Subject SA-2/HQ-2 Missile on Transport Trailer Scale 1/35
Kit Number 0205 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Excellent exterior detail Cons
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $24.95

First Look


For years, China and the Soviet Union have been at odds over their different philosophies on communism. There have been periods of time when these two major powers would align with one another over some common problem, usually the Americans. During these periods of fragile unity, China would either be the recipient of Soviet technology, or at least serve as a conduit of said technology on its way to North Vietnam. Anything that the Chinese could get their hands on, they would usually put that item into production with some interesting improvements over the original designs.

Such was the case with the HQ-2 system, which was a direct descendant of the Soviet V750 Dvina system (NATO codenamed SA-2 Guideline). Even the ZIL-157 truck was manufactured with minor variations (the ZIL missile transporter had vertical radiator grille openings whereas the Chinese had horizontal openings as seen above.

This kit is another natural for Trumpeter. With only a few variations of parts trees and decals, they have released three versions of this kit – an SA-2 on its launcher, an SA-2 on the ZIL transporter, and an HQ-2 on its transporter. The only differences between the Soviet and Chinese transporter kits are a parts tree containing the radiator grille and the decal sheet.

Molded in medium green styrene, the kit is highly detailed throughout. In fact it takes eleven parts trees to build the ZIL and the trailer! A single tree molded in light gray styrene contains the SA-2/HQ-2 missile. The kit is rounded out with a set of rubber tires for the tractor and trailer, as well as a clear styrene parts tree for the windows and lenses.

As with the Trumpeter 1/32 aircraft releases, the engine in this kit is a detailed model of its own right. The winch is also beautifully detailed.

The trailer is also a work of art, replicating the fuel cells for fueling the missile as well as the complex plinth on which the transporter missile rail can be aligned with the launcher’s rail for reloading.

The trailer can be positioned in the road transport configuration, or if you have one of the SA-2 on its launcher kits, you can also pose this trailer into the reload position, aligning the transport rail with the launcher rail and sliding the missile into position.

The detailing throughout the kit is VERY intricate, almost to the degree where things start to work. I would recommend getting one or more of the kits from this trio of releases, but if you are less experienced working with small parts, I'd stash the kit into your collection until you've gained a bit more experience.

Here is another cool kit from Trumpeter. Whether you pick up the Soviet or Chinese versions of the kit, you’re likely to find both versions in just about any third world country that operated the SA-2 as well as within China itself.

My sincere thanks to Stevens International for this review sample!