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Admiral Panteleyev

Trumpeter 1/350 Russian Navy Admiral Panteleyev Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review March 2007 Manufacturer Trumpeter
Subject Russian Navy Admiral Panteleyev Scale 1/350
Kit Number 4516 Primary Media Styrene
Pros Very nicely detailed destroyer Cons
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $79.95

First Look

Admiral Panteleyev
Admiral Panteleyev
Admiral Panteleyev
Admiral Panteleyev
Admiral Panteleyev
Admiral Panteleyev
Admiral Panteleyev
Admiral Panteleyev
Admiral Panteleyev
Admiral Panteleyev
Admiral Panteleyev

The Admiral Panteleyev is an Udaloy-class destroyer that serves as an anti-submarine warfare platform fitted with a variety of ASW weapons and limited surface-to-air defense capabilities. There are actually two types of the Udaloy, the Udaloy I, of which 12 examples were built, and the Udaloy II, only one of which was completed.

The Udaloy II was provided an updated array of missiles and the capabilities to provide greater anti-surface and anti-air warfare capabilities while retaining its ASW capabilities.

The Udaloy I class consists of:

  • Udaloy (scrapped)
  • Vice-Admiral Kulikov (out of service)
  • Marshal Vasil'yevsky
  • Admiral Zharkov (scrapped)
  • Admiral Spiridonov (out of service)
  • Admiral Tributs
  • Marshal Shaposhnikov
  • Severomorsk
  • Admiral Levchenko
  • Admiral Vinogradov
  • Admiral Kharlamov
  • Admiral Panteleyev - 548

Background from Wikipedia - click here to read more.

Trumpeter has released the Udaloy class in 1/350 scale and it does look nice! Molded in light gray styrene, the kit is presented on nine parts trees plus one tree of clear parts, the upper hull in light gray styrene and the full hull and waterline bottom parts in red. One fret of photo-etched parts is provided for the various radar antennas and masts. Two sets of helicopter trees are also provided.

You'll note the big section missing out of the bow? That is where the large sonar fairing goes and that is molded in gray.

The layout of the model is very straightforward and provides a load of details without being overly complex. Styrene alternative parts are even provided for the photo-etched parts should you not be comfortable working with photo-etch. Nice touch Trumpeter!

The main mast is rendered in a rather interesting styrene structure that will take some care in assembling, but it lofts a variety of sensors and sits just aft of the superstructure. A smaller version of this mast is also rendered in styrene for mounting atop the superstructure as well.

As I mentioned earlier, you have your choice of waterline or full-hull presentation of this vessel. If you do opt for full-hull, a display stand is also provided. In either case, a name plate is also included.

Trumpeter did include four ASW helicopters in this kit. Using their unique multi-color molding technique, the fuselage is molded in clear while the landing gear and rotor blades are molded in black. One helicopter is posed with its rotors in flight position whilst the other has its blades stowed. The clear fuselage allows you to mask the windows, paint the interior color followed by the exterior color. Remove the masks and that solid fuselage looks like it has an interior!

Markings are provided for the first-in-class Udaloy as well as the last-in-class Admiral Panteleyev. Flags and markings are provided for both Soviet and Russian Naval service.

This is an impressive release of one of the Udaloy-class and will build into an equally impressive model. About the only thing missing are the photo-etched handrails, and while many modelers are more than happy without rails, you can count on one of the aftermarket companies to provide a set for those of you love that extra detail.