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T-64B Model 1984 Kit

Trumpeter 1/35 T-64B Model 1984 Kit First Look

by Michael Benolkin

Date of Review February 2015 Manufacturer Trumpeter
Subject T-64B Model 1984 Scale 1/35
Kit Number 5521 Primary Media Styrene, PE
Pros Distinctive variant of the T-62 Cons None
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (USD) $64.95

First Look

T-64B Model 1984 Kit
T-64B Model 1984 Kit
T-64B Model 1984 Kit
T-64B Model 1984 Kit

The T-64 was the first of a new series of main battle tanks which offered better mobility using 'live track', improved main gun with stabilization, and reduction of the crew to three by replacing the loader with an automated gun loading system. The T-64B was distinctive with the ability of firing the 9K112 Kobra anti-tank guided missile from its main gun. The T-64 was never exported to any country and was assigned to the Soviet armies based in forward garrisons in the Warsaw Pact as well as selected reserve units. The T-64 would eventually evolve into the T-80 MBT in service with the Russian army today.

Trumpeter has released several variants of the T-64 main battle tank and here is another that is very distinctive in its configuration and service. This release is billed as the T-64B Model 1984 though according to the Wikepedia data, the T-64B was updated in 1981, 1983, and 1985. The distinctive feature in this kit is the rack of six smoke grenade launchers on the left side of the turret which corresponds to the 1985 T-64BV configuration without the Kontakt reactive armor block installation. Since Soviet and Russian armored vehicles receive incremental updates not always in unison, I'll leave it to more knowledgeable Soviet-era treadheads to sort out those details.

Molded in light gray styrene, this kit is presented on 22 parts trees plus one tree of vinyl parts, one tree of clear parts and three frets of photo-etched parts. Among the features and options:

  • Detailed stamped road wheels
  • Detailed suspension
  • Link and length track
  • Positionable crew hatches
  • Periscopes molded in clear
  • Mantlets provided for two main gun positions
  • Nicely molded side skirts replicating bowed rubber sheets
  • Lots of details on hull and turret
  • Nicely detailed DShK anti-aircraft gun on turret

This is a nice looking kit and represents one of the many variants of the T-64 that are combat operations in the Ukraine. Grab a piece of history in the making for your workbench!

My sincere thanks to Stevens International for this review sample!