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AT-S Artillery Tractor

Trumpeter 1/35 AT-S Artillery Tractor Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review March 2017 Manufacturer Trumpeter
Subject AT-S Artillery Tractor Scale 1/35
Kit Number 9514 Primary Media Styrene, Photo-Etch
Pros New tool kit Cons See text
Skill Level Intermediate MSRP (USD) $114.95

First Look

AT-S Artillery Tractor
AT-S Artillery Tractor
AT-S Artillery Tractor
AT-S Artillery Tractor
AT-S Artillery Tractor
AT-S Artillery Tractor
AT-S Artillery Tractor

The artillery tractor was an essential combat vehicle used to move towed artillery around the battlefield. During World War 2, a variety of vehicles were initially used in this role before combat experience dictated that dedicated vehicles that could tow an artillery piece, crew, ammunition, and supplies through a variety of field conditions. After WW2, the Soviets developed a new generation of artillery tractor with the AT-S which entered service in the mid-1950s and would see service for many years within the Soviet Army, Warsaw Pact, and allied nations.

Here's a pleasant surprise from Trumpeter. As you can see from the box, this is theAT-S Artillery Tractor which you'd think would be a smaller kit of a distinctive military vehicle. The surprise is not only is this in a larger box, that box is full of parts and that is because this is actually two kits in one. As usual, both kits are molded in light gray styrene plus two trees of clear parts for the tractor, and three frets of photo-etched parts. As depicted in the box art, this is the AT-S tractor along with a complete ML-20 152mm towed howitzer kit. You have the makings of a nice vignette right out of the box.

Among the features and options in the AT-S kit:

  • Detailed chassis and suspension
  • One-piece track links (58 links per side)
  • Detailed cab interior
  • Positionable driver and crew doors
  • Positionable commander's hatch
  • Choice of front hood unit with or without headlights
  • Detailed cargo bed
  • Bed cover bows are depicted in stowed position only

Unlike the box art, this kit does not include the canvas cargo bed cover.

Among the features and options in the ML-20 kit:

  • Detailed caisson
  • Movable split trail arms
  • Positionable ground spades
  • Detailed gun shield
  • Choice of styrene or turned aluminum gun barrel
  • Barrel can be positioned in travel or combat mode

While the ML-20 was released three years ago, the inclusion of that kit with the AT-S makes this a nice combination. All you'll need are some crates of 152mm ammunition and one or more crew figures whether you're depicting this artillery unit in travel mode or preparing for a fire mission.

My sincere thanks to Stevens International for this review sample!