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US Navy Deck Crew w/Holdbacks 1/32 US Navy Deck Crew w/Holdbacks Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review July 2016 Manufacturer
Subject US Navy Deck Crew w/Holdbacks Scale 1/32
Kit Number 164332 Primary Media Resin
Pros Great diorama addition Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (Euro) 8.00€

First Look

If you've watched modern aircraft carrier operations on TV or in the movies, you can see the aircraft drop its launch bar where it is guided into the catapult shuttle. Once the catapult fires, the aircraft is pulled by its launch bar to the end of the catapult where the bar clears the shuttle as the aircraft is flung off the end of the deck. Prior to the catapult stroke, the deck crew evaluates the aircraft to ensure that the wings are locked, flaps are deployed, flight controls are operational, and the engine(s) are developing full power.

It is that last point that requires a method of keeping the aircraft from rolling out of the catapult while the engine(s) are at full power without standing on the brakes (which are ineffective in afterburner anyway). The solution comes in the form of holdbacks which connect the rear of the nosegear strut to a fixed point on the catapult. The holdbacks come in different strengths, designed to snap free above a prescribed thrust and catapult stroke combination (a holdback must be stronger for an F-14D versus an S-3 or A-7E for example). The launch crew includes a trained crewman who mounts the correct color-coded holdback as the aircraft engages the catapult.

US Navy Deck Crew w/Holdbacks

This beautiful resin figure depicts a crewman carrying a holdback as he waits for the next launch and this set includes five extra holdbacks in different sizes which you can pile at his feet as he works the scheduled launches.

This is another nice release which will look great next to your 1/32nd scale modern US Navy or Marine Corps aircraft being depicted at or near the catapult. Combine this with other US Navy deck crew figures and you'll be able tell a story with your diorama or vignette. Note that released a similar figure two years ago, but this set depicts updated uniform pants.

You can find out more about this kit and their other upcoming offerings here:

My sincere thanks to for this review sample!