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AFS CD Type Polar Bear

Wave 1/20 AFS CD Type Polar Bear Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review June 2009 Manufacturer Wave
Subject AFS CD Type Polar Bear Scale 1/20
Kit Number MK-06 Primary Media Styrene/Vinyl
Pros Easy build, nice details Cons
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (Yen) ¥1,800 (About $19.50 USD)

First Look

Polar Bear
Polar Bear
Polar Bear
Polar Bear
Polar Bear

According to Wikipedia: "The story is set 880 years in the future. Events primarily take place between the years 2882 and 2886. A nuclear World War in 2807 destroys most of Earth's population, and renders the planet uninhabitable. About 50 years after the destruction, the Galactic Federation (details unknown) sent an investigative team to determine the condition of the planet. They discover the planet wave restored itself to a natural paradise and begin the process of sending colonists to populate Earth. The colonists prospered on the reborn Earth. Cities and towns are eventually reformed, but this growth attracts the attention of criminals, AWOL soldiers, political criminals, mercenaries, terrorists, and other people who had decided to leave civilized society, who began to make their way back to Earth as a suitable place for refuge. The Colonists had no real form of government to deal with the problem other than a few local militias.

The GF, concerned about the civil unrest and the Colonists forming their own independent government, gave the Strahl Democratic Republic (SDR) the right to govern the planet. The SDR's hard handed tactics to restore order; travel restrictions, hard labor camps for the unemployed, etc., created great resentment amongst the Colonists. The Colonists create the Earth Independent Provisional Government and declare independence from the Strahl Republic. The SDR immediately forms a puppet government and attempts to quell the uprising. The wealthy Colonists hire the mercenaries to form the Independent Mercenary Army. They attack the SDR forces and the war for independence and the control of the Earth begins."

I remember seeing various armored suit kits in the past for the series 'Maschinen Krieger' (Ma.K) but they seemed interesting enough though there didn't seem to be much of a following in the North American market. However, when Hasegawa threw their hat into the ring with their Falke Pkf.85, it was time to take a closer look.

Wave is one of the companies that produces the Ma.K armored suit kits and they've produced an interesting set of variants. We'd previously looked at the Lunar Pawn suit figure and decided to examine this release as well. This armored suit is set up for arctic/antarctic operations, so like the Lunar Pawn suit, it must keep the occupant at a comfortable temperature, but at least it doesn't need an air supply as well..

The kit is molded in off-white styrene and presented on four parts trees, one tree of clear styrene parts, and one tree molded in dark gray vinyl representing the suits joints and hoses. The instructions contain universal assembly drawings with captions in Japanese.

One thing you'll note when looking over the kit is that the model is designed to be articulated - movable. The ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, neck, elbow, wrist, and right fingers are all movable so you can periodically change the pose of the completed figure, or conduct combat operations on your desk at work when your boss isn't looking.

The faceplace is molded in clear, though you can tint or completely darken the faceplate for operations in direct sunlight. If you leave the faceplate clear, you can see the operator's face and will give you an opportunity to try your face painting skills.

The kit comes with a variety of markings and maintenance stencils to allow you to create a unique look for your model.

This is a nice looking kit and now I can get it on the bench for a test build!

My sincere thanks to HobbyLink Japan for this review sample!