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F-21A Kfir Kit

Wingman Models 1/48 F-21A Kfir Kit First Look

By Michael Benolkin

Date of Review September 2014 Manufacturer Wingman Models
Subject F-21A Kfir Scale 1/48
Kit Number 48003 Primary Media Styrene, Resin, Photo-etch, Turned brass
Pros Nicely detailed kit Cons Nothing noted
Skill Level Experienced MSRP (Euro) 55.00€

First Look

F-21A Kfir Kit
F-21A Kfir Kit
F-21A Kfir Kit
F-21A Kfir Kit

For a brief description of this subject and a look at the basic Kinetic release of this subject, look here.

As we've seen in previous releases, Wingman Models takes selected kits from Kinetic Models and creates 'superkits'. Building upon the Kinetic F-21A/Kfir C1 release, Wingman Models creates the AMS modelers' delight with new resin, photo-etched, and turned brass details plus a nice set of paint masks and decals.

Remember that the original Kinetic kit provided the straight leading edges found on the Kfir C1 and the F-21As operated by the US Navy/USMC Adversaries. The kit also provides the dog-toothed leading edges found on the Kfir C2s and also on US Adversaries but look closer. Those aircraft have civilian registries (N-numbers) so these are being operated by contractors.

Among the upgraded features of this kit:

  • Nice resin ejection seat
  • New resin integrated cockpit tub and nosewheel well
  • New resin 'open' afterburner nozzle
  • New resin nose
  • New photo-etched strakes
  • New turned brass pitot boom and AOA probes
  • New resin ACMI pod
  • New resin 825 liter supersonic centerline tank

This release has six colorful marking options:

  • F-21A, 999732, VF-43, 02, USN, 1985
  • F-21A, 999716, VMFT-401, 06, USMC, 1987
  • F-21A, 999764, VMFA-401, 03, USMC, 1984
  • F-21A, 999727, VMFA-401, 07, USMC, 1984
  • F-21A, 999731, VMFA-401, 01, USMC, 1984
  • F-21A, 999708, VMFA-401, 08, USMC, 1984

The decal sheet renders the bureau numbers and 'bort' numbers as generic numbers that can be mixed and matched to render virtually any F-21 operated by the USN or USMC, not just the subjects of the color and paint profiles indicated above. These decals are nicely done and provide the include a nice suite of airframe stenciling and markings. Painting instructions are provided using FS colors.

This is another very nice release from Wingman Models and provides the modeler with the AMS version of the sports version of the Mirage V, the one that replaced the Atar engine with the J79 and started a generation of Kfirs!

My sincere thanks to  Wingman Models for this review sample!